Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am really excited about it being almost December already, though to tell the truth I'm a little bit overwhelmed. I have a lot of music to practice and memorize, gifts to work on (I think I am just going to bake some cookies and give pictures), packing for our move in two weeks, the list just goes on. Why oh why do I over-extend myself. I just hate saying no. Get some backbone, Becci.

Actually, I am a lot better on that front than I used to be. I was practically a doormat for a long time. But I do have many more boundaries nowadays. Sometimes I just overestimate what I have time for. Aaaand I really do still hate to say no to people. But nonetheless I have a performance coming up in which I have to work up six songs (the last thing I said yes to). The thing is, I didn't know until Tuesday that all the songs we're singing for church choir have to be memorized within the next couple of weeks. For some reason I thought we were going to have the music in front of us. Not to mention that one of them I have a solo on. How am I going to do all this practicing, AND work on moving, AND get my thank you notes done (from 4 different baby showers), AND finish baby announcements (who ever thought of announcements being customary for a new mother should be shot), AND get ready for Christmas? And sometime in the next few weeks my sister is having her baby.

In fact, today was her baby shower, and it went quite well. We played a game (I won) in which there were 5 different mini candy bars melted and smashed into 5 different diapers and we all had to guess which diaper held which candy bar. It was amusing passing these diapers around and watching everyone stare and sniff and so-forth. All that sniffing paid off for me! I got a Christmas mug full of chocolate. Who could complain about that?

On another topic, I promised myself I wouldn't venture out to shop yesterday, but in the end I couldn't resist. All the fabric and Fabric Depot was 30% off. The fabric at Wal Mart is still cheaper even when it's not on sale, so I went there to get some cute flannel prints for the outside of my dipes. But for the inside part I opted for Fabric Depot's diaper flannel. Great stuff. And they had some elastic that tickled my fancy. Plus their scissors were 50% off and if I really am going to do all this sewing.... well, of course I'll need a good pair of fabric scissors. So I'm set to make a lot of new diapers now. Hopefully they sell alright. If not, I guess Dorothy will be well-diapered!

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Tonya said...

You have to learn to say NO a bit.. so that you actually have time to breath in-between everything else.. lol Sounds pretty funny @ the diaper and chocolate bar thing.. good sniffer to walk away with a win in that game :)