Saturday, March 31, 2007

Poor little snuffle wuffles....

Is finally asleep in her own crib. I went and got some Tylenol Infant Cold. Her crib mattress is adjusted with the head up and the humidifier is on with Vicks in it. She keeps getting mad because she can't suck her thumb and breathe at the same time. Poor little thing! It was a long day, and we're hoping for a good night's sleep.

The Vacuum is on fire!

I was vacuuming the carpet yesterday, and I noticed a slightly odd smell. I tried to ignore it at first, but it kept getting stronger. I was in the middle of the living room when I noticed the vacuum sound getting lower and lower... and rubbery-smelling smoke poring out of the grate. The living room got aired out for a good 1/2 hour.

Needless to say, it's time for a new vacuum. Any recommendations? Any vacuums out there that work really well, yet don't cost an arm and a leg?

Dorothy is almost 7 months old! And she is "enjoying" her 4th cold. Not so much. She slept in the bouncy seat because she wouldn't sleep laying down. I want to give her cold medicine, but don't know if she can have it this young. Can she?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Appointment Time

Yesterday I had the appointment with my new Perinatologist. It was quite the adventure trying to find her office. From what I thought, the office was AT the hospital. It was actually NEXT TO the hospital. So after walking around for 25 minutes asking hospital information people where the office was, someone in surgery admitting finally took the time to actually look up the office for me. I moved my car and got there 1/2 an hour late. Then I had to wait around for quite a while (I'd say another 1/2 an hour) in the waiting room, then wait again for the nurse to come in and ask the loads of questions.

Once I met the Dr. my mind was set at ease. She was not only friendly and professional, but she was confident in her knowledge and very reassuring that we would most likely be successful again; that my history of success was much more indicative of the future outcome than was my first failure. I see now why Dr. F recommended her.

As far as our game plan, it would be similar in that she would do the cerclage at about 12 weeks and have me see her weekly. She would also plan on doing the progesterone shots as well. One difference would be ultrasounds to check my cervical length every two weeks or so instead of weekly. She feels that once the cerclage is in, the length isn't as much of an issue, and she wants to disturb things less. The main difference will be her view on bedrest. She said the whole reason for a cerclage is to try to avoid bedrest, so she will only orescribe bedrest as needed. I very well may end up on bedrest, but if my cervix behaves, then simply taking it a bit easier will hopefully do the trick.

I did ask her about the abdominal cerlage and she said it was far too risky in that the complications from it can be very severe, including uterine rupture and damage to the cervix. Not to mention that it necessitates a C-section even for a non-viable (Re: dead) baby. Being that I have a history of ruptured membranes (I believe that the ruptured membranes caused our first baby to die) it would be possible to have the membranes rupture again. The risks are just too high, and now knowing some of the reasons she NEVER recommends them for anyone, I am much more confident that a traditional cerclage is the way to go.

Since my family practice Dr. (love him) will not touch me with a ten foot pole when I am pregnant, I am to call my Peri.'s office as soon as I get a positive test. I like that idea very much. So the only thing to do now is wait until Dorothy's first birthday (her recommendation), keep working to set aside enough savings for the medical bills, and try again. I'm excited about the possibility of a pregnancy without strict bedrest. And the fact that a few more kids just might be doable.

And a side note: everyone at the Peri.'s office was admiring Dorothy. When the Dr. came in she said everyone was talking about how cute Dorothy was, and that it was not a normal occurrence in their office to sit around admiring babies. I was told I needed to enter her in a cute baby contest because she would win. In fact, she should be on the gerber baby food jars! I felt good about that... Pictures to come soon. I got some really cute ones the other day, and she'll have her 6 month photos taken this Saturday. Time sure does fly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cooking Time

Anybody have any good suggestions for cooking a Top Round roast? It's about 2 inches thick and 4.5 pounds total. My cookbook only gives broiling or pan-frying time for 1 inch of thickness. It is marinating in a teriyaki sauce for the day. We're having some neighbors over for dinner and don't want to scare them off!:)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What (not) To Wear

My life has been a scrapbook of different styles of clothing, hair and accessories. Being an artist, I have always felt the need to express myself through what I put on my body.

The longest stage was the hippie stage in high school and the first year or two after. My closet held the most Polyester at that time... oh yes, the bell bottoms and all! I had one pair that was green with white polka dots (tiny tiny ones that were really more like nubs of thread or some such thing) that I wore with a shirt that was red with little flowers that were all colors of the rainbow and tiny white polka dots. I spent a lot of time on beaded jewelry, even learning how to make flowered necklaces out of seed beads. I would wear several of those at a time. My favorite pair of pants was a huge, soft old pair of farmer overalls that I ironed a homemade daisy patch on the front of. Heh, I even made suspenders for them out of hemp and colored beads in the order of the wordless book. I would say that mixed in were a lot of other styles as well.... let's just say I didn't have a hard time finding anything to wear for Spirit Week.

Then there was the punk stage after high school. I made patched up jackets and wore Converse All-Stars. I had a dog chain that I wore around my neck and wore my hair short and spikey. One time it was bleach blonde and one time it was purple. Dare I say when the punk was mixed in there in high school (on some days) that I dyed my hair black? Of course, having blonde hair made it necessary to cut my hair to an inch in length to avoid looking like a skunk. I often donned a studded belt of purple leopard print in combination with my black steel-toed boots. Most days I would wear an average of 10 (or more) necklaces at a time. Some affectionately called me Mr. T.

My clothing style has gradually tamed over the years, and I feel I can finally let all that go- and be comfortable in my own skin. On many occasions I have been inspired by the show What Not To Wear. Because really??? My clothes would have been burned had I gone on that show. Ever-so-slowly (but a little faster as of late) I have been adding items to my wardrobe that I can *gasp* mix and match. Jacket that can be layered that come in at the waist. Button up shirts!! Zip-up boots and pointy-toed shoes. Jeans that flatter instead of "fatter". And can I say that I feel good about myself? I wear makeup now. Most new moms have a tendency to let themselves go for a while (sometimes longer). For me, it has motivated me to look the part, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I'll still have fun with my clothes, just in a bit more of a mainstream way.

The only thing that has not died?? Lift up the bottom of my pant leg on most days, and you'll see a sock with a print of some sort, a lot of them cartoon or animal or some such thing. I just can't let them go.

Some habits die hard.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A breath of fresh air

I'm happy to report that Dorothy is feeling better.... and so is my nose! I'm ready to be done with laundry for a few days now, and my washer is ready for a break as well.

The job is really going well, so much so that come the end of the month, I should be working 16 hours instead of 9. It's a pretty low stress job because everything is in alphabetical order. Sometimes the number of charts is overwhelming, mainly on Mondays. My added day of the week will be helping with scanning documents in to the electronic charts. I'm familiar with computers, so it should be no problem learning how.

Not really much else going on around here. Just staying really busy for the most part.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Enough already

Dorothy is still having the diarrhea, though at times it feels like it might let up sometime soon. At least she has stopped *fingers crossed* having blowouts all over her crib. I'm just concerned that she's going to lose too much weight from this. Good thing she started with extra to spare:) I'm waiting on a call back from the Dr., as he said to call him back this morning if she wasn't better yet. One positive is that she doesn't have a fever with it.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, it appears that what Dorothy has is not a reaction to the shots, but a stomach virus. She has continued to have diarrhea... every hour during the day yesterday. She needs to be coaxed to even take a few ounces. Last night we had two blowouts that got all over her clothes and the crib sheets. Too bad we don't have any disposable waterproof pads, but I'm too afraid to take her out for fear that she'll have an accident while we're out. She was down 9 oz from Tuesday morning when we saw the Dr. this morning. Basically, all we can do is try to get her to take as much fluid as possible.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Dorothy's checkup went well. She was right around 50th percentile for pretty much everything, weighing in at 16lbs, 10oz and measuring 25 inches in length. Developmentally she is right on target, too.

Then came the shots. Of course, she was mad as a hornet when the shots were given. I gave her some Tylenol before the appointment and then again before I left for work. She was a bit fussy for my mom, but not too bad. When we got home, I tried to give her some more Tylenol because she felt like she had a little fever.... and it was messy. She gagged and threw up all over me and the carpet. So I waited a few minutes and then tried again. Same thing. So she just ended up having a fever pretty much all night. She woke up several times, but wasn't wanting to take her bottle. She didn't want much yesterday either. She only took about 4 onces from each bottle, and that was with some coaxing. The diarrhea wasn't much fun, either. She still had that even this morning. She exploded out of her diaper BIG TIME.

Let's just say shots aren't our favorite thing. And I'm glad she doesn't have to have any next time she goes to the doctor.

On another subject, I have a consult scheduled with a new Peri. that my old Peri. recommended. The appointment is set for the 22nd of this month. Hopefully I like her. We'll mainly just talk about what timing would be best and what the treatment plan would be. I definitely don't want to go into another pregnancy wondering what is coming.

Monday, March 05, 2007

To Dorothy on your six month birthday

Sweet girl,

I can't believe you are six months old today. The time is going so fast! Another six months and you'll be a whole year old... but let's not think about that right now. You have gotten so big!

You love playing in your Exersaucer Mega. It is so fun to watch your eyes light up as you try to decide which toys to play with. You love to try and get the toys in your mouth!

You have given yourself a new bedtime lately, and mommy really likes it. You go to bed every night at 7:00 without even crying. Sometimes you wake up for a bottle, but you always go right back to sleep until about 8:00 am. You're such a good sleeper! Every night we have the same routine now. You eat your cereal and veggies at 6:00, bath time at 6:30 and bedtime bottle at 6:50. Hopefully sticking with this routine will help you stay on the right track with sleeping.

Now that mommy is working a little bit, you get to spend more time with Grandma. All your grandparents love you so much. Grandpa thinks you're so very cute. He loves it when you come over so he can hold you. You even fell asleep in his arms the other day, which you rarely even do for me!

You have the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. You are so curious about everything around you, looking at anything you can find. You smile at anyone who will talk to you. You've even started laughing a lot lately. Your giggle is so contagious that I can't help but laugh, too.

I think you'll be very happy when you can crawl around and explore even more. Right now all you can really do is try to roll over. Sometimes you make it, but you're trying so hard! You're in your 6-9 month clothes now. Boy, do you ever grow fast! We're going to need a new car seat really soon. Tomorrow you have your six month checkup. I bet the doctor says you are 100% healthy.

You are the best baby ever!