Thursday, November 09, 2006

News on the Kitty

I admit, I had a bit of sadness around getting rid of our kitty. I love cats, and I have always wanted a lap kitty to cuddle with. I really thought I had found one. When we first got him he was so tiny and cute.

He would sit on my lap while I blogged and purr his little heart out. But he started to get agressive with us and get in to things he wasn't supposed to:

(going fishing)

(cat and mouse)

(right on key)

(bouncing baby... kitty?)

When we first brought Dorothy home, my mom was here for a few days, so she was able to entertain him a bit.

Stories are told of how he darted through the house in the middle of the night; bouncing off the furniture, eyes glowing and fur puffed up like a puffer fish. This was really our first taste of his wild ways. I think (in hindsight) that it probably was jealousy for our attention. But when I tried to give it to him, he refused it unless he was asleep. He liked the baby well enough, and never did hurt her. Often he could be seen snuggling next to us while she ate her bottle; or cuddling up with her on the bouncy seat (in spite of our best efforts to keep him off).

(just making sure Dorothy is ok during tummy time)

But with the way he was treating us (especially me) I just couldn't take the chance. What if he did suddenly turn on the baby for reasons unknown? So I put out a plea on my blog asking what I should do with him. Not wanting to put him down, I was hoping we could find him a home, but I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to take a cat with a known attitude problem. Until my friend Terri posted a comment saying she wanted to take him home and see how he did. Having 4 older kids, he would have lots of attention. Not to mention there were going to be 2 other cats for him to play with. She thought he would do well at their house, and according to this post she was right. All's well that ends well. I'm just glad he got a good home!


Anonymous said...

That is so great, I'm glad he is in a good home and it all worked out. Maybe when Dorothy is older or when you are finished having kids, you can all go pick one out as a family. I think it is great for kids to have pets, when they are older, to teach them responsibility and all that jazz. I'm not a cat person, but I have always had a dog, or fish.
Also, thanks for sharing about the cloth diapering. I am still a bit torn myself about which way we'll go. I did a little research on cloth diapering and it just seems so overwhelming to me. It was nice to get a new mom's perspective!

my4kids said...

Hey Becci no problem, like I said we were happy to do it. Happy we could help you out.

Ezza said...

Wow, Dorothy has some tough muscles. Look how good she does with her neck at tummy time!

Tonya said...

that is great news about the cat :) So glad he is doing well.. and OMG dorothy is doing great with her tummy time!!!

Emmakirst said...

Awww, i'm glad that the cat went to a good home. What adorable pictures! I can't get over how much she's growing.

purple_kangaroo said...

I'm so glad he's doing well.

As a side benefit, now I can visit you without my allergies kicking in! :)

miraclebaby said...

Yeah and that tummy time was like a month ago!