Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Snow!

We had the whitest Christmas on record here in NW Oregon. Portland got between 14-15 inches total by the time the whole storm was over... and it was terrible to get around in. Garbage service has not come in a couple of weeks, so our apartment's garbage area is completely overflowing. Like a full dumpster plus 2 dumpsters worth of garbage piled up around it. Mail has not come in about a week because the side streets were not plowed. We're just not used to that kind of weather. As pretty as it was, we're all glad the snow is melted (aside from the big piles on the side of the road and in parking lots). I'm also glad to be at home again. With all the bad weather we stayed in town to be closer to the hospital in case I went into labor.... which.... I'm still waiting;)

Christmas was fun this year because Dorothy was so much more into it. She still asks to open presents every now and then and loves to sing Jingle Bells. With all the snow and ice we had to carry her every time we went outside. We told her it was too icy! So she thinks now that it's too "spicy" outside. Evidently spice, ice, and now dice are all the same thing. Think that's confusing? Try explaining the whole little sister idea... I don't think she knows what's coming. Send me some labor vibes!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Pregnant!

Imagine that... but I didn't really expect to go right into labor or anything. We're just braving the weather here and getting ready for Christmas. I have a few things to wrap for Dorothy and some baking to do for others. For Christmas morning I am going to start making a tradition of having the living room filled up with balloons for kiddos to play with. I can't wait to see Dorothy's face when she get up in the morning. She has been so cute with the tree, she talks about all the ornaments and the first thing she asks for in the morning is lights. Christmas is even more fun now that she's starting to understand it more. We've been watching Polar Express a lot lately and she loves the part where Santa comes out. She's so cute about it. Other than waiting for baby, not much is going on. I'm just anxious for the big day to arrive and trying to decide if I have the guts to go natural or not.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My cerclage is coming out today instead of Thursday due to the snow/ice they are predicting for Wed/Thurs. We are also expecting a snow storm on Sun/Mon. We're headed into town tonight to stay with the in-laws and most likely staying until the snows pass so we can be closer to the hospital and have someone right there to take care of Dorothy if I go into labor. I'm not really expecting labor right away since Dorothy took her sweet time after my stitch was out, but you never know. I've had a feeling that Charlotte is going to be a bit earlier, although that could just be wishful thinking. I'd like her to be here before New Year's, but I'm sure she'll come when she's ready. Better for her to bake as long as possible! I'll update if anything exciting starts happening:)

Monday, December 08, 2008


It's finals week! I am almost done with my final writing paper. Now all I have to do is take my finals for History and Philosophy, and make a few additional comments on my group project in History. It will be a relief to get it all done, so hopefully the professors put those tests up early in the week.

Dorothy is on antibiotics again, this time it's a different one and so far no hives. She's also on antibiotic eye drops now just in case the goopyness in her eye is more than just discharge from the cold. She's still coughing a lot at night and in the morning, but during the day she seems a bit better. I feel like I'm going to have a full-blown cold here in a few days...... I say bring it on now so I can have it over by the time labor starts (which could be any time, really). I get my last progesterone shot this Wednesday. Then a week from Thursday I get my cerclage removed and David starts a week of vacation. It would be nice if Charlotte just came within that week so he doesn't have to go back to work before his paternity leave. It's all coming so fast!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Tree

We got our tree last night, and Dorothy wanted to tell us a little bit about it when she got up this morning....

Monday, December 01, 2008


I was in the mood for cooking since I didn't get to do it for so long. So on Saturday I made a full-on turkey dinner and it turned out great! The stuffing was perfect, although next time I think I'll use a turkey bag so the breast stays moist. The AuGratin Potatoes were to die for, really. I think everyone went back for seconds on those!

Oh, yeah. And baby is still cooking, too.