Saturday, September 27, 2008

25 weeks!

I am so pleased that we have made it another week. This week Dorothy will start her daycare 3 days a week, and that should cut down on the stress of wondering where my help is coming from for the day. Monday is also when my online classes start, so I'm looking forward to the term flying by. 2 weeks after the end of the term is when we should be getting induced as long as baby stays put and bakes that long.

My cervix shortened only a tiny bit. In the past few weeks it has gone from 2.7cm to 2.5cm to 2.25cm. As long as we're moving in mm, then it's not so bad. My cervix is open to the stitch above it, and basically all of my length is below. So little stitch is doing his job very well. I'm trying to stay off my feet unless I am getting something to eat or taking a shower. Obviously sometimes I need to get up for this or that with Dorothy, but for the most part I am doing a pretty good job of staying down.

I made my first pocket diaper this week. A pocket diaper is waterproof, and it is made so that you can stuff the absorbent material inside the pocket. It turned out pretty well, and I hope to make some more after my sewing machine gets back from the shop. I was sad the other day when it pooped out on me, but hopefully a good cleaning and tuneup will fix the problem. Here are some of the embellished prefolds I did before my machine freaked out on me....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sewing adventures

Since I am on bedrest and classes haven't started yet, I have my sewing machine set up on a wooden chest next to the couch. If I put the pedal on the couch and lay on my side, sewing is not too difficult at all. I have sewed 8 new fitted cloth diapers and modified some fitted cloth diapers that I bought and used with Dorothy. Here are some of the pictures of my diapers....

I am also starting to work on embellishing some prefolds. Since they are plain white, I wanted to add some color to our diaper wardrobe. I have a ton of cute prints, many of them girly, that I can add a wide strip of down the middle of the diaper. I'm excited to see how they turn out and I will make sure to post some pictures when they're done.

I'm also excited to be 24 weeks now! We're now at the beginning of viability, so if my contractions start to change my cervix, the baby would at least have a chance of survival. Her chances get better by the day, really. But 24 weeks was our first major milestone. This pregnancy is flying by!!!

And just because she's my sweetie....

Birthday pictures!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knew it was coming....

At my appointment on Tuesday, my Perinatologist broke the news to me that I would be on bedrest. My cervix was about 2.8 cm long, which is marginal. The bedrest is modified, which basically means I can actually sit up to eat and get up for 15 minutes to cook. But other than that and , I'm down. And truly, what can you cook in 15 minutes besides toast or instant oatmeal? Baby is still growing well and now kicks me on a regular basis.

As far as my big girl (if you ask me, she's still my baby), she starts daycare for 3 days a week in October since it's really hard to find enough people to come over and help. My financial aid should cover most of the cost, and we found a home daycare mother/daughter team that is state certified and 3 minutes from our apartment. I think she'll do really well. And, if all goes well and baby # 2 comes safely, she'll start going there in April while I go to classes. I am taking online classes for the next 2 terms since I can't leave the house now, and won't want to when the baby is a newborn. I don't really prefer online classes, but they are the best option right now. Fall term begins on the 29th. David got me a new laptop today so I can have one for classes and while I'm on bedrest. It's nice to have one that doesn't flash or turn off every 5 minutes!

That's about all that's new with me. I'll have a lot of studying to do and a lot of TV to watch for the next few months:)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Still going strong

I'm now 22 weeks and holding steady. I've been on anti-contraction meds that seem to be keeping things calmer, and so far my cervical length remains long enough. Though last ultrasound the difference between without pressure and with was almost a full centimeter and you could see it funneling above the stitch a bit. But so far so good. I have another appointment on Tuesday.

We had a great time at the beach. Dorothy was sitting behind me on the way over there and all of a sudden I hear this little, "goin' peach." She loves the beach, and she still talks about playing in the sand. She helped daddy build sand castles and took walks with Grandpa. Then David and I got a night to ourselves. I didn't want to come home!

As soon as I get the pictures from Dorothy's birthday party on the computer, I'll put them on here. That's right... our baby turned 2 yesterday. It has gone by so fast!