Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My diaper sold. For a whopping dollar and fifty cents. Minus the listing fees, I made 65 cents. I think I might have to up my starting bid if I want to make anything. The first few diapers I don't mind taking a loss on because I want to get some feedback on there that I am an honest seller and that I ship things out promptly. I also sold 3 sets of bottles and a manual breast pump. Hopefully after the holidays and unpacking, I can really get going on the diaper sewing venture. I have some really cute fabric to work with now.

I'm going to the mall today. I get a free sitting fee and free 8x10 of Dorothy. She'll be dressed up in her sweet little Christmas dress. If she's not a grumpyhead, we should get some cute shots. Most likely I won't be able to resist some wallets in addition to the 8x10.


Tonya said...

yeah it would probably be best to up the bid if you want to make something but its a start.. at least there will be a baby out there wearing your nappies!! lol Cant wait to see the pic of Dorothy!

Colleen said...

Definitely up the bid so you're not losing money.

Have you considered joining Blogitive? I blog with them and you would fit in well there!

purple_kangaroo said...

Congrats on your first sale, even if it was for less than you'd hoped. This post showed up in my bloglines notification; yay!

Anonymous said...

Becci, I'm serious about buying your diapers (praying this baby makes it). How much would you charge for them? How many in what sizes would I need? We'll talk more when the time is closer (I don't want to jinx anything), but keep me in mind!