Friday, November 03, 2006


I just found out this morning (from Amy) that November has been named National Blog Posting Month. To find out more, you can click the link above the seal to the right. I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to upload the image and link so that you can just click on the image to go to the right site *blush*. Maybe someone else can help me out, here? Even though I found out about it late, I am joinging the ranks. I had already posted the frist two days in November so I was right on track.

On to other things.

Today is Dorothy's two month well-check. If I'm not mistaken, today is the day she gets a bazillion shots. I know immunizations are important, but I hate the thought of my baby getting stuck. Not to mention the fact that I am a little worried about the fact that she could get side effects from them. I am taking a trip up to Seattle with my sister-in-law tomorrow. My hope is that Dorothy is not fussy the whole time. I'll give her the recommended dose of Tylenol this morning at 11 so by the time she gets the shots it will already be in effect. Then I will continue to give it to her for the next 24 hours to insure that she doesn't feel miserable from the pain. Poor baby.

Bath time has continued to get better and better. Dorothy likes to be in the warm water. She sits there contentedly as I wash her. Never do I hear a fuss until after I take her out of the water. She hates the process of being toweled dry. She cried for 10 mintues this morning after I got her dressed. But the best part of the whole process is how sweet she smells after a bath. My favorite thing is to nuzzle my nose into the top of her head and smell her sweet baby smell. I still can't believe she's here... and she's mine. I love it.

And I love her.
I mean, really,
how could anyone
resist this face?
(thanks to Terri
for the jacket
and for taking
our kitty Goatee)


my4kids said...

Hey Becci no problem! I couldn't resist the jacket and a few days earlier you had mentioned you were looking for one... I can't seem to resist the baby clothes especially things like that (I loved the ears)since my kids are to big for baby clothes I end up buying them for others so I love seeing them in them. Just ask Hannah about my baby stuff buying.
Also the kitty is doing really well and is not having many problems only scratched once so far and because he was startled. He is playing constantly with our other kitten so I think it keeps him to busy to try to attack us, he is doing well though and Kenzie has been seen carrying him through the house many times and she hasn't been bit or scratched. We are happy to have helped you though like I said we totally understand the fear about the baby though and not wanting to get attacked yourself!
Hope all goes well at her appt and we'll probably see you soon!

Lori said...

just LOOK at those cheeks!!! I love it! :)

I'll tell you something weird. My boys are 1 and almost 4, and I STILL love the smell of their hair and heads. I could pick them out of a crowd of boys every time, just by sniffing their heads! (okay, yep, that sounds a little weird!)

I love the Johnson & Johnson calming lotion for Landon...I even bought some for me to use b/c I liked the smell so much, but it's just not the same unless it's on my baby!

Tonya said...

I know you are worried about the vax and I always get so worried as well about side effects and all that stuff.. Randie has always done really well with them and I have never given her tylenol before or after the shots.. So try and relax and just know you are protecting her from life threatening illnesses :) *hugs* I hope she is good on your trip!

purple_kangaroo said...

Giving the tylenol before the shots always seemed to help with my kids. I hope it goes well and they don't bother her too much.