Saturday, November 04, 2006

Two Month Well Check

Dorothy's well-check went great. The pediatrician gave me a better impression this time, even asking questions about our every day life. We asked about Dorothy's rash on her cheeks and dry skin. We figured it was excema and the Dr. confirmed that it was. She said to keep doing the lotion we've been doing and if it gets worse to use an OTC hydrocortizone cream. She gave us a handout on prevention of sleeping problems which *gasp* sort of advocated crying it out. There was a list of things to do at each age that would help the baby sleep through the night. So last night Dorothy ate (actually breast fed) three times in the afternoon/evening. She ate for the last time at 9pm and Daddy and I tucked her in and said goodnight. She cried for a while then fussed periodically for a half an hour. But victory! She slept until 5 am. From the time we put her down until the time she woke up it was 8 hours. My boobs felt like they were going to explode. Good thing I pumped before bed, too. Was it the Tylenol? Was it the shots (btw with the Tylenol she has been pretty good)? Or is she just plain ready to start sleeping longer than 5-6 hours? At any rate I was really pleased.

Oh, one last thing. Dorothy's stats:
weight 11lbs 8oz
height 21.75in
head circ 15in
She's growing so fast!


Emmakirst said...

Wow, she's growing so fast is right! She's such a cutie. I love all that hair :) Congrats on sleeping all night too, if I could just get Ava to do that. I posted some halloween pics too on my site. Take care.

KMW said...

Wow! She is so big and healthy! Quinn was only 10 lbs at his 2 month check. I remember that day. Have a great time in Seattle! as for NABLOPOMO, I just don't know that I have it in me. But I will try to better, I will.

purple_kangaroo said...

Aww, what a cute picture. I'm glad the appointment went well.

Michelle said...

Such a cutiepie. Hope you stay dry in Seattle - its been so wet recently!

And glad to hear Dorothy's starting to adjust to a longer sleeping schedule; those first few months can be hard. My second didn't sleep through the night until she was 5 months old, but when she did it was instant - up 2-3 times one night, sleep through the night from then on. I remember that was such a relief!!

Deirdre said...

Hi there!
I came across your blog on blogger and enjoyed reading!

My daughter had excema on her arms for a while and Aveeno lotion REALLY helped it go away. I put it on her after every bath when she was still a bit damp. I also used the aveeno baby wash. My pediatrician recommended it and said to only use the cortizone cream if it was really bad because they can build up a resistance to it if used too often. All the aveeno oatmeal products worked great and I've continued to use it on my daughter even though she doesn't have the excema any more!

BTW...your little one is just darling. Congrats!