Wednesday, November 15, 2006


What is it about Blogger Beta?

Every time I try to log in and write a new post I am bombarded with the option to switch. I really don't feel the need. I'm wondering... are they trying to phase out the old Blogger in exchange for the new? Is there something about the old Blogger that is so far inferior that everyone must switch? And do it now? Or else?

Moving on.

I got a package today. I won a bid on Ebay for some Playtex bottles with the drop-in liners. The 8 oz bottles are about 5-6 dollars new. I got 8 of them. I also got 5 of the 4 0z bottles that I am going to try to sell because I don't need them. In addition I got 2 very partially used boxes of liners (a box of 50 and a box of 100) and one unopened box of 100 liners. All this I won for $19.50. Plus shipping. I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal! I do have to go buy the nipples, but other than that we're set for quite a while. Snap!

Ebay is my new best friend, by the way. I ordered a scale to weigh my hundreds of packages so I can estimate how much shipping is going to be. I have several things I want to sell right now that have nothing to do with cloth diapers, among which are 3 different kinds of bottles we've tried that are never going to get used because I just got the motherload of the bottles that I love. I'm going to be a millionaire, I feel for sure. I'd better be because the amount that gets taken out of Daivd's check for healthcare just went from $39 a week to $85 a week. Can they really do that? I protest.

To my utter dismay, I almost forgot to blog today. Silly me. Daivd called to tell me that I didn't write an entry. I was all, "yes, I did!" I was convinced that the entry I wrote last night was actually one that I had written this morning. Mommy brain kicking in big time. Maybe that's why I have 1,000 things to say and can't seem to put any of them to writing. Perhaps that's why I'm sitting here eating burnt Kettle Corn and writing this lame excuse for a post when I could be sleeping.

Could be.


my4kids said...

Hey Becci I have been wondering the same thing about Beta. Tell me if you find anything out. I don't know if it loads pictures any better I'd go for it but right now I am afraid to do anything to rock the boat and lose the whole thing! I have been trying to get a post up for Joshua's birthday this last Tuesday but 2 times it disapeared when I tried to publish and now it is being difficult loading pics....

Anonymous said...

I switched to is more user friendly and a little faster. You don't have to wait as long for your post to appear and your pictures upload faster. It is also easier to format your page without having to go into the HTML code.
Also, it was very easy to switch and all your info stays in the same place. Just FYI!

Congrats on winning those bottles...what a deal!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I did not want to switch myself but when I checked out the Q&A section everyone will have to switch soon anyway so I went ahead and did it and it is ALOT better and fast uploading pics and publishing your blog.. I say thumbs up to the new blogger :)