Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Camp

We have been doing well the past few weeks. I have cooked and frozen just over 20 meals for when I am down, and for the most part I am feeling good. We were able to attend family camp over the weekend at the camp we met at, and Dorothy loved being in the outdoors with the dirt and the lake and the geese (kees). We brought a tent since it was a busy year and we figured cabins would be full, and to my surprise, Dorothy slept just as well in the tent as she does at home. I was glad to not be on bedrest yet, and both sets of grandparents came to help with Dorothy so I could relax when I needed to. I will have another appointment on Tuesday, at which point the progesterone shots will start. For some reason this pregnancy doesn't seem as real to me. I think it might be because I am so busy still coupled with the fact that I am not on bedrest yet. We'll see where I am at next month at this time... I have a feeling I'll be down by then.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cerclage is in!

I didn't intend to keep everyone waiting for an update. As it happened, our laptop is on its way out and I was away from home on bedrest for a week after the surgery. Then when I got home it has been pretty busy. I really meant to write sooner.

Surgery went alright and he was able to find the scar tissue from last time and put this stitch above it, giving me more length underneath... always a positive. And since I was earlier this time, my cervix was still long and closed. Two weeks really makes a difference. I have to say that the recovery has been harder than last time, and it was no picnic before. I did stay overnight since I had such a rough day after the last time around what with nausea and pain. I was still feeling really bad when I went home, but by that point it was either feel bad there or feel bad at my mom's house, so I decided to leave. I have had quite a few contractions, mostly when I get up and do things, and every single time I pee. He told me I could get up after a week and then I may have a month or two before full bedrest starts and just to be careful not to do too much lifting of Dorothy (yeah right, when I am home alone with a toddler). Vacuuming the other day made me contract the whole next day, so I've decided to pass that chore off until the baby comes, or at least until I am off bedrest and trying to bring on labor:) Nothing feels quite right down there yet, so I'm looking forward to feeling more normal again.

That sums it up for now. Baby's doing well and we're really hoping to go full term again this time!