Thursday, October 26, 2006

To Daddy:

Hi, Daddy! I sure miss you! I just cry all the time when you're not here:

My hair is falling out even more on the sides, so it looks even more like a mowhawk now. I'm such a punk, don't you think?:

I moved in to size 2 diapers this week because my thighs are just getting chubs. And guess what?? I figured out how to bat at toys yesterday! My favorite one is the fishy on Aunt Jenni's swing:

I love you, Daddy, but I have to go now. All this typing is making me sleepy...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So, this week has not been the greatest. First of all, David is out of town for work this week. When we had no baby I could go with him, or go out and do stuff to keep myself occupied. OR if I was SICK, could just rest and get better. Monday I felt like I was coming down with something. I was chilling, but no fever (yet) and I had a headache I could not get rid of. David left in the afternoon and I headed over to the in-laws house for the night, just in case I needed help. In the middle of the night I realized my left boob hurt. I didn't really think anything of it. Then the next morning I woke up and when I tried to hold Dorothy I felt weak, a bit lightheaded and just blah. My temp at that point was 100.5, so I called my mom and asked if I could come there since she works from home and could help with the baby. Right before I got there I thought, 'hmm, how interesting. My boob hurts, my head hurts, I'm tired and achy, and I have a fever. Aren't those all signs of mastitis?' I'm so brilliant. Well, I put off calling the dr. for a few hours thinking I was imagining that it was mastitis. Maybe it was the flu. Plus, how does one get mastitis when exclusively pumping? Well, I called the dr. when my temp was 101 after meds. When I got there it was 102. Shortly after checking me, the dr. declared that it was mastitis and gave me antibiotics to take FOUR times a day and some pain meds. Plus I have a follow-up appointment next week to make sure it is gone. Evidently it can mean surgery if it's not treated effectively. So today I'm pumping a lot, pushing the fluids and trying to have an appetite. And hoping tomorrow is better. I miss David.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The verdict *edited*

Everything looked good at my appointment today. After talking to Dr. F, he recommended waiting 2 years. I don't know if that's a standard recommendation or if it pertains only to high risk patients, but that was what he recommended. So since I am pumping full time, I'll take the nursing pill to start with and then when/if I start supplementing with formula, I would switch to the regular BC pill. I had originally not wanted to be on the pill in between. We had started using Natural Family Planning before the first pregnancy for a couple cycles and then used it for trying to get pregnant with Dorothy. But I don't know how accurate charting is while coming off nursing. I think it's probably not as accurate, which is the reason for the pill. Perhaps after I'm done nursing and my cycle evens out we would switch back to NFP. For me, it's the preferred method. When used correctly it is just as effective as the pill. We'll see when the time comes, I guess.


Sorry I guess being a new mom has fried my brain cells. I Forgot to put that next time, since I made it full term, my bedrest would most likely be modified instead of strict. Also, he only does the TAC for people that the regular cerclage doesn't work for.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Forgive me for being a SLACKER

I have been a slacker with the blogging lately. And a slacker at keeping up with everyone.

Dorothy has gotten over her sniffles and I am crossing my fingers that she'll get back to the 6 hour stretches of sleep she was doing starting in the early evening. With her cold she got into a nasty habit of not going to sleep until midnight. I think we're back on track today, as she slept for a day and a half (waking to eat in between) and woke up this morning at around 10 or so and stayed awake almost all day today. She fell asleep around 7. And why am I not in bed?? I know not.

I have a confession to make. I am still in my jammies from LAST NIGHT. It is now 8:20 pm. oh, the shame. But I did get dishes put away, bottles washed, milk pumped, baby changed and fed numerous times, cloth diapers washed and folded, and 3 meals eaten. It still feels like nothing got done. Ah, well.

Tomorrow is my six week post partum check, which is with my peri of all people. I thought they would just stick me with any old OB they could find, since I don't have one assigned. As it is, I am so glad it is scheduled with him, because there are some questions I want to ask about future pregnancies. Yes. I said it. Can you believe I would be thinking of this already? The first thing I want to know is if I will be doomed to months of strict bedrest every time. If not, the possibility of more kids would be more doable, even if the bedrest was modified instead of strict. The other thing I want to ask is about a procedure called a transabdominal cerclage, commonly called a TAC. From what I have heard, bedrest is much less common with a TAC as they are placed higher up. The drawbacks are that it is a more difficult surgery and it is permanent, therefore requiring a C-section every time. I don't know if my peri does them (or even recommends them) but I want to at least inquire.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Video Montage

I have been playing around some with One True Media because Dorothy has her first cold and she's been awake a lot. I'm having too much fun (other than no sleep).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

To Dorothy on your one month birthday

My sweet baby girl,

I can't believe you have been with us for a month already. The time has just flown by with how busy we have become. I know your first year is going to go by so fast and I want to treasure every minute with you. You have been a constant delight to me even when you are fussy:

I have never felt the way I did the first days of your life outside of my belly:

I love it when you fall asleep while you're eating:

Even though figuring out the feeding has been a challenge, I'm glad we've figured it out. When I know you are full and happy, that's all that matters. I could stare at your precious face all day:

We have done so many things together already. We even went on our first trip to the beach! You really just slept the whole time, but we took you for a walk on the beach:

While Daddy played in the water:

We even watched the sunset together:

I can't wait to see all your little "firsts" as you grow up. We've already seen your first smile:

You just keep getting more beautiful to me each day, baby girl. I am so thankful you made it here safely. You will always be my little miracle baby!!