Monday, November 20, 2006

Cancer is evil

Today I went to visit my friend Cheri, who has been battling cancer for a couple of years. Her cancer is very agressive. They have had to remove cancer from several bones, including her jaw, which they had to remove half of back in June. They replaced the bone with bone from the leg that she hadn't had an operation on. The other hip had been totally replaced last December. She has had several rounds of radiation, and when they found cancer in her soft tissue, they decided to try chemo. Originally they didn't because chemo hadn't been found to help the kind of cancer that she has. Until it was found in her lung. A couple years ago, she was a healthy, vibrant, non-smoking early 40's mom. Seeing her today was so hard. Not because she seemed any different to me; she's the same Cheri to me. But she looked so weary. Not just physically. Her face is much altered from the surgery, therefore her speech is different than it used to be. Her hair is now falling out due to the chemo. Cancer sucks. Her daughter is getting married in two weeks and it's an answer to prayer that she made it this far. We're still praying for a miracle. I'm so happy that Cheri got to meet my precious baby, it meant so much to me. And I think it brightened her day, too.

I don't think I've mentioned the fact that we're moving in a few weeks. December 9th to be exact. We're moving to an apartment about a mile from where David works, so it will definitely be more convenient for him. Plus saving us gas money is a biggie, too. Not to mention that our heating oil bill is, frankly, outrageous. I'm tired of paying so much for the oil with a small house that is so inefficient at holding in the heat that we pay $165 a month all. year. round. Ridiculous! I'm glad to be moving off the busy street where I won't have to hold a pillow over my head to get to sleep. I'd better not be here tomorrow when they show the house to a prospective tenant. I'll tell them to run for the hills:)

Time to wind down for the evening. With an eggnog with a splash of rum and an episode or two of 24. Nighty-night.


my4kids said...

I agree cancer is evil, it is very hard to watch a friend go through it. I have a friend who has been fighting breast cancer for 5 yrs it is really sad and so hard on her family and a friend of mine whose daughter is Maddies friend (she is 6) has been dealing with Leukemia for 1.5 years now it is horrible....
I am glad your friend has made it this far. I am sure it is important for her daughter and her also to make it to her wedding.
Also good luck on the move! I hope all goes well!

Melissa said...

Yes, cancer is evil. I will keep your friend in my prayers.
Good luck with the sounds like it will be for the best!

Becca Parra said...

So sorry about your friend Cheri. I'm so glad she's able to go to her daughter's wedding, and that she got to meet your daughter! Here's to many more years of health!
Hope your new place becomes a wonderful home, and glad you are out of the other place!


KMW said...

Hi Becci, I remember an earlier post on Cheri. I agree, Cancer is terrible. We are dealing with a heartbreakign situation with a family member now, and I feel I can relate. I also appreciated your post on how difficult it is too have a loss. I could relate to a lot of what you said.