Friday, November 24, 2006

Dorothy's First Thanksgiving

Our day was good yesterday. I did end up coming down with that cold, but the good thing is that I was still able to sing on Wednesday night for church. Not without downing a bunch of water and sucking on cough drops, but still.

Dorothy slept a good 10 hours, getting up at 7 am. We decided to stay up at that point, but pretty much lazed about the house until it was time to go at 11. We headed over to David's parents' house and hung out there for a few hours before dinner. We got a family picture around 11:45 when my mom came down (our parents live about 5 blocks from each other). Getting the kids to be reasonably content while mom snapped a few photos was the challenge. This is the best one of about 5 pictures.

We got one of me and Dorothy, too. As you can see, she spit up all over the front of herself (and me) right before the pics. Her overalls are all wet:)

After that we all played on Daniel's new Nintendo Wii. Bowling was by far my best game, as I bowled one game with a score of 218! That's a far cry better than my score of 60-some when I do real bowling. Blech, I am HORRIBLE at bowling in real life. I'll stick with video bowling, thank you very much!

Dinner was good, but a bit later than we hoped because the turkey had problems defrosting in time. Turns out that the whole inside of the bird wasn't done at all! Good thing we only ate off the outside of the breasts (heh, I said breasts) as well as (of course) eating the drumsticks (always my personal favorite part of the bird).

Shortly after dinner we headed up to my parents' house, where, you guessed it, we played on another Wii. This time it was my sister and brother-in-law's Wii. MY brother brought the controller from his new Wii. David feels left out because we can't afford to dole out the $250 for him to get a Wii. But I think there's enough of them to go around. After a nice dessert of none other than pumpkin pie, the guys played some games on their Nintendo DS'. We do have one of those, as it occupied my time while I was on bedrest.

My mom got to spend some quality time with Dorothy.

My brother's girls were (as usual) hamming it up the whole night.

At one point I looked over at Rylie and thought I was seeing things, as her little hiney was sitting right on top of a tiny doll's chair.

One thing I was concerned about yesterday when I was looking through the pictures... I think Dorothy may be a bit on the small side;)

I hope she's ok... maybe that Thanksgiving milk will fatten her up a bit!


Tonya said...

Glad you had a good thanksgiving even if the bird was not fully The pictures are great and I cannot imagine Dorothy being on the small side :o) She is adorable!!

Emmakirst said...

Sounds like a great time.
She's soooo cute~ good joke ;) She's perfect!

Amy said...

She is ADORABLE!!! And small babies are great. :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think Dorothy is perfect. She just may end up being rather short. No biggy. Just when I think she can't get any cuter, then next time I see her she is cuter.