Monday, May 02, 2011

Playing the Catch-Up Game

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You know, the one where you've been sick for a week and the laundry and dishes (and kids) are out of control? Yeah. That one. I spent the better part of last week in bed or on the couch. I've still got a terrible cough and somewhat of a sore throat/congestion, but the body aches, headache, and lightheaded feeling are gone. Phew. And aren't those things supposed to go around in the winter?! So far all the kids have gotten it as well. Dorothy first, then William and I, now Charlotte. The kids have all been well enough to play and run around like normal, which is always nice. They didn't seem to get hit as hard. I'm just hoping Daddy stays well so that William and I can go to Seattle this weekend. I'll be driving up to see some friends I haven't seen in a long time, so I'm really looking forward to the trip. Just me and my boy!

So today is catching up on things around the house... I literally have a mountain of laundry in my bedroom to fold. There's also a load waiting to go into the dryer with our bed sheets. I always like to wash all the bedding as we start to get better, so the kids' sheets and blankets will get washed, too. Add to that 2 loads of diapers to fold and I'll probably be folding laundry all night.

This morning I got the kitchen under control. It still needs to be swept, but the counters are cleaned and all the dishes are washed, put away, or in the dishwasher. I'll be grocery shopping this afternoon and throwing together a quick dinner when I get home from Gleaner's and the store. Lately I've been working on our food storage, which is mostly in the garage. I'll post some photos pretty soon to show you what I've done.

In spite of still feeling a bit under the weather, we did make it to church yesterday. I'm really glad we did because they were having a plant sale in the parking lot. I ended up with 4 broccoli plants, 4 cauliflower plants, some rosemary, a green pepper (one of mine had a mishap off of the windowsill), and some parsley. Since it was sunny outside, I thought the vitamin D would do me some good. I went out and got my hands dirty and soaked in some rays! I also transplanted a small potted rose plant my mom brought over for Easter. It was starting to wilt, so I'm hoping it does better in the ground outdoors.

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