Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Natural Cold Care

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The kids and I have been battling these awful colds/flu for the past couple of weeks. After a relatively healthy Winter, it's frustrating to have everyone feeling so poorly when the weather is finally getting nicer. I am determined to find some natural ways to rid us of these colds more quickly. Especially since this morning Dorothy started coming down with another cold/fever. I'm pretty sure she got it at the park the other day. It was a nice day, so everyone was out enjoying the weather, including all the kids that were hacking up a lung. We don't need another round of illness for everyone just when we're trying to recover from the first bout. So, here's my plan:

*Regular multivitamin supplements.
*Additional vitamin D supplements.
*Liquid drops with echinacea and goldenseal to put in the girls' apple juice in the morning.
*Hot and/or iced green tea with a bit of honey.
*Sinus rinses with a neti pot and saline rinse.
*Green smoothies (smoothies with fresh spinach, OJ, plain yogurt, honey, and a variety of frozen fruits & berries).
*Cooking with lots of veggies and garlic, including my Kickin' Chicken Soup.
*Garlic drops for clogged and painful ears.
*Honey/herbal cough syrup for the kids at night.
*Lots of water.
*Lots of rest.
*Time outside when it's sunny.
*Extra cuddles any time, including our bed in the middle of the night. The comfort of knowing Mommy is right there helps them sleep so much better.

What's your favorite cold remedy for children or adults?


Meg said...

Sounds like a very logical, practical & natural solution. Those germs don't have a chance. Good job @ keeping your family healthy and chemical free.

Hannah said...

Sounds like you've pretty much got it covered. My only addition is a "duh"- a humidifier in their room at night if there are stuffy noses.