Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Who says you can't be productive in your jammies?

Today might seem like a lazy day, since we're all still in jammies, but I'm actually getting some stuff done. The kitchen has been cleaned, dishwasher loaded, a load of diapers washed, breakfast made, several diapers changed, and I am currently working on browning some ground turkey for tonight's dinner. Later I will try to get the bulk of my Spanish homework done and maybe sort a box or two that still needs to be unpacked. Oh, and getting dressed might be good, too ;).

Tuesday's Tasties
B: David had oatmeal. The girls had the remaining pancakes as well as some bananas and applesauce. I ate two eggs, some toast, and a banana.
L: David took a dollar to get a sandwich, plus he'll have fruit (they keep fruit at the office for people to snack on). The girls and I will have tuna melts. I'm also going to steam some peas.

D: Soft Tacos. We're using our whole grain tortillas. In the crockpot, I'll cook some black beans with the ground turkey I browned up this morning. This evening, I'll quickly simmer the meat/bean mix with some costco taco seasoning. That stuff is tasty, and a big container of it lasts us a long time! I'll use some salsa fresco I got free with a coupon from Safeway, plus some cheese, tomato, and spinach. We'll top them with sour cream. Yummo!

Budget wise, David's family ended up helping out with dinner last night so we didn't have to dip into our grocery money. I am also only 7 Swagbucks away from another $5 Amazon gift card toward Christmas, which I should be able to get today (plus a bit). Yeah!

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