Thursday, February 10, 2011

This week's grocery total

Today has been rather successful in spite of my kids having a cry-fest for much of the morning. They're all needing extra love and cuddles today. But I am dressed, the bed is made, my kitchen is clean, 2 loads of laundry are ready to fold, a load of diapers is washed and in the dryer, and I'm getting ready to start lunch. Now, where did I put my patience, Lord?

So far, our grocery & household total spent for the month is $38.35 plus the $50 monthly dues to Gleaner's yesterday. We're 1/3 of the way through the month and have only spent $88.35 of the $200 maximum, but the $38.35 was actually from last month's budget, so we've really only spent just under $50 out of this month's budget.

Weekly Gleaner's Trip
1 loaf wheat bread
1 small container contact solution
16 oz sour cream
8 oz cottage cheese
1 pkg cheese-filled breadsticks
2 med/lg pkgs frozen veggies
1 frozen chicken burger (for David's lunch today)
small pkg herbed mozzarella cheese
small pkg spreadable cheese
2 bagels
1 box gingerbread mix
1 lg can chicken & hominy soup
1 cucumber
1 red bell pepper
1 bunch red chard
3 lg potatoes
8 cans diet Pepsi & 8 cans regular Pepsi (lunch drinks for David and I)
1 jar strawberry preserves
2 pkgs chicken/tomato bouillon
2 6-packs unsweetened applesauce
1 box soda crackers
2 bags tortilla strips
2 bags organic blue corn tortilla chips
6 bags tea
1 bag chili powder
1 box instant strawberry oatmeal
6 glazed doughnuts (treat with our coffee in the morning)
6 lg sheets paper (using for art to cover the mirror closet doors in the girls' room)
3 small bags Pirate's Booty & 2 small bags Fritos (David's snacks for work)
1 bag shredded coconut
4 rolls toilet paper
from the clothing area: 3 shirts and a jacket for myself! They're all really cute, too :)

Thursday's Tidbits
B: Eggs, toast, and frozen grapes (yum!)
L: I'll have another burger and some spinach and the girls will have the chicken & hominy soup with sour cream and organic blue tortilla chips with a side of applesauce.
D: Chicken & veggie stir fry with brown rice.

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