Monday, January 08, 2007


Mark Congdon said...

Just de-lurking. :)

my4kids said...

I know how you feel about the crying baby thing. I think when the kids were little I spent the entire service in the nursery with them instead of in the sanctuary. If I went outside of the sanctuary so I could hear and try to keep the baby quiet someone would complain that he/she was disturbing the service! It drove me nuts.

Yes I am tired of the war in Iraq also, I agree with your points, I am just not a political person.

Anyway just post when you can and keep the ideas in your head or paper or something. Sometimes I will start a post and then save it to finish later if I have a thought in my head.

Petunia said...

coming out of lurkdom. dorothy's too cute. girls are the best; i have two! Rosie (2 1/2) and Ally (1)

Tonya said...

wow that is something about the crying in the church and stuff.. I don't go to church but I can imagine that would be annoying when you are trying to do a million things at once.. the money was nice though :)

love the pics in yesterdays post.. how sweet!

Anonymous said...

One Sunday my daughter was having a particularly cranky day in church (my church doesn't have a nursery or cry room). I was feeling bad about it and apologized to the people around me after church. A nice lady told me she'd rather hear the children in church than not see them at all. That really made me feel better and I hope it makes you feel better to. By the way, Dorothy is just too cute!!

nancy in ia

RoseAnn said...

Another delurker.

I read your blog because I grew up not far from Portland so I feel like there's a connection there.

And now I feel like I "know" you and the ladies whose blogs you link to. ;)

Liz said...

Hi! I am de-lurking too.

I love your blog and think Dorothy is adorable!

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, that's too bad about the crying.

I have to say, though, you have more chutzpa than I do--posting about church stuff when you know a lot of people from your church are reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Delurking myself. I love your blog-I think you're a great writer and Dorothy is a total doll. I have a girl myself-Emily-10 months old next Saturday-my how the time flies!

Liz in Michigan

Elizabeth said...

In Georgia, apartment management has 45 days to get the desopit back to you. If they don't, you can sue them for 3xs the amount. I'm sure the extra money would be helpful.

We had to take an apartment complex to court while I was in college. We found out they never gave back anyone's deposits and had been taken to court many times.

KMW said...

Happy 4 months to Dorothy!

Anonymous said...

Just delurking to say I loved following your pregnancy! Glad all is well.


BasilBean said...

Hi there,
I guess I am de-lurking as well.

I have IC and lost my son last February at 22 weeks. We are about to start TTC again soon and finding your blog has been really insipiring. It is easy to get down sometimes thinking there is no hope to bring a live baby home someday.

Anyway, I enjoyed the quiz. And I'm sorry that some people at your church have made you feel badly about having a crying baby. Um, shouldn't people be glad that you are going to church and raising your daughter to be a Christian as well?

Take care,

B in Portugal said...

Hi Becci,
I've been reading your blog for several months now. I used to go to church with purple kangaroo and that's how I first found out about you. We've been praying for you and your precious baby. May God continue to bless you -what an awsome calling and blessing to be a mom.

nettie said...

is that really a week?

View from the Trekant said...

Delurking myself.

If you think it's hard to be in a church with a crying baby - wait until you have to fly somewhere.

Honestly, are people unaware that they were once babies themselves?