Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day!

Dorothy has seen her first snow. We have snow very rarely around here, so it was exciting to wake up and see the world around us all white!

We bundled her up in her new snowsuit that we got in the mail (along with a few other outfits and a cute little figurine for Dorothy's nursery) from a very generous soul that we don't even know. Thank you, Kathleen!

We took her outside in the snow.

She was the cutest snow angel.


Unlike our day yesterday....

What do you do on days when you have several 30-60 minute episodes where you have tried everything under the sun and your child is still doing this?

I even called the dr. because at the point I took this video she had been crying for nearly an hour. She wore herself out so much that she fell asleep 3 oz. into her bottle (once she finally took it from me) and slept from 6:30 pm (she normally goes to bed around 8:30 or 9:00) until 7:30 am with a very brief fuss at close to 6:00. He said just try some Tylenol. That it could be something and it could be nothing (oh really??). Can we say high maintenance child?


On more thing about yesterday. I got a box in the mail from another kind and generous soul that I don't know personally. On Friday I got a package from her with a really cute diaper bag and some clothes and hats and socks for Dorothy. But yesterday the box I got felt heavy. I brought it inside and set it down to read the box. It said Brother on it and there was a picture of a sewing machine. I thought it couldn't possibly be. Well, it could possibly be... because it WAS. It was a brand new sewing machine!! I am still in shock. So, Lisa, if you read this blog....thank you so much. There aren't even words for how thoughtful and kind it was for you to bless us with those gifts. I seriously sat there crying in my living room. Thank you.


Diane said...

Have you tried soy formula?
My baby (now 14 months old) was wonderful at spitting up and after I switched her to soy she pretty much stopped. I know that's not the same as crying yourself silly but you never know what might help. Some doctor's will tell you that if it's not a milk allergy then there is no reason for soy. BUT the soy has the same nutrients as the regular formula and if it helps you then by all means use it (okay, that's what my dr told me...but I'm sure others have said the same thing!!:)

BTW congrats on the sewing maching!

KMW said...

Becci, Dorothy looks adorable! i just read your breastfeeding post! Don't feel bad. I have a huge problem with judgement around parenting decisions. We judge ourselves enough, eh? Iknow lots of people who were never breastfed and who are wonderful, well adjusted very smart and amazing people--as I am sure Dorothy will be. Do what works for you.

my4kids said...

Thats really neat about the sewing machine and the clothes! I am really happy someone was able to do that for you, now you can work on more of those really cute diapers you made (are you still making them)not to mention all the other things you can do with it. The boys really enjoyed the snow today but my girls didn't really apparently they would prefer to be warm (weird I know, haha). They both went out for about a half hour came inside and insisted on a warm bath which I couldn't get them out of for nearly an hour, then they refused to go back out again!

Melissa said...

Hi...finally delurking per your earlier request :) I found your blog when I was on semi-bedrest (or take it easy mode) due to incompetent cervix. I had my son Oct. 29 full term and have enjoyed following your blog.

Stina said...

I played your movie of Dorothy crying, and our dog got up from his bed in the other room, came into the computer room, and stared at my speakers with a very concerned look on his face.

I think he would babysit for you if you need it. :-)

miraclebaby said...

LOL can your dog heat up a bottle;)

Tonya said...

Don't feel bad about the breastfeeding becci.. you know what is best for her :)

Oww @ the crying video.. sounds like she is in discomfort, maybe gas or something? I sure hope that stops.. and it is great that there are so many wonderful people out there able to help you :)

B in Portugal said...

My third child is a "high - maintanance" baby she always has been very fuzzy and wants my full attention all day! I hope your little girl will do better today.

Becca said...

What an adorable snow suit! She really is precious. So sorry she was crying so hard--you are a strong and wonderful mommy!
Also, what generosity! I'm crying at the gifts! How wonderful! Thinking of you, Becci!