Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Three months, baby girl

My sweet Dorothy,

Today you are three months old. It's hard to believe that three months ago right now I was waiting for you to come into the world. Now it feels like you have always been here. You were meant to be a part of this family, and I am so thankful for every morning that you wake up happy and healthy.

You are growing so fast! I can't believe how big you're getting. It's like you change every day as time is slipping by. You still love your bath time. Pretty soon you'll be outgrowing that little tub, though;)

You continue to give us big grins. Diaper changing has become social time as you coo and blow raspberries at us. We're still waiting for the giggles sometime soon.

You've gotten to know your cousins better this month. Sometimes they even think you're a toy to play with. After all, you DO fit in the doll's stroller.

You had your first Thanksgiving with everyone. Last year at this time Mommy was so sad and wishing for you to come into her life. Now here you are, and I couldn't be happier. You have brought me so much joy already.

I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for you. Keep growing strong, sweet girl!



Emmakirst said...

Wow, I can't believe she's 3 months old already! Where did the time go? She's absolutely gorgeous as always :) I love the picture of her in the doll stroller, haha. Too cute.

Lori said...

It seems like she was just born yesterday!!! Isn't it amazing how fast it goes by?

She's beautiful! It only gets better from here! :)

Happy 3 month day sweet Dorothy!

Tonya said...

wow.. 3 months already.. how excitiing.. what a sweet post and I love the pics! Happy 3 months Dorothy!

Kristen said...

Happy three months Dorothy! She is absolutely precious!

scribbit said...

Some seriously adorable chubbiness! Looks like she had rubber bands around those little thighs! :) How cute.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful mommy! It has been so long; I would love to talk! If you ever have the time please e-mail:


Erica N.
(yes, from Corbett)