Sunday, December 03, 2006


November was a good month of blogging. I managed to get a post in every day, although some of them were pathetic excuses for entries. Nonetheless, I DID post every day even though somehow I didn't officially get put on the list of participants. I think it was because I was a day late getting my name in there. Ah, well. It was the motivation I needed to get to posting more frequently.

This is officially moving week. We don't actually get the keys until Friday, and the bulk of the moving will be done on Saturday. My week will consist of packing. Oh, yeah, baby. We have to be completely cleared out and have our keys turned in by Sunday night. I only have 6 more Christmas cards to write and they will all get sent out tomorrow if I can get my butt out the door and to the post office in the morning.

At some point there will be a day or two of lapse in our internet, so just expect that with everything going on, I won't likely be writing anything next weekend. Hopefully I will get back in the groove once we get settled. The idea is to be as organized as possible while I am packing so that the unpacking will be easier and quicker. I packed the first few boxes today, labeling what was in the boxes and what room I want them put in when we get to the new place. What would be really nice is to have a bunch of people helping us on Saturday and then have an unpacking party with a few friends sometime next week. Somewhere in the mix of the next couple of weeks throw in my sister having her baby. Sheesh!

One good thing is that the night I am singing 6 songs (crazy me for saying yes to this right now) will be an ok night as far as I can tell. My set of music is earlier in the evening so I can sing and get home at a decent hour to get up for worship practice in the morning. It will be a week after the move, so most of the important unpacking will be done already *crosses fingers*. Practice for those songs will be tomorrow evening to get it done with so I can focus on packing this week. While I pack I will put the songs on repeat that I am going to be singing. I'll just sing them while I pack to get ready:) That should work well. And I don't have to have those songs memorized, so that's another plus.

I can tell how frazzled and overextended I am by my brain. It has ceased to function correctly. I have always been anally perfectionistic and organized. Everything is always just so. I never used an organizer/day planner until recently because I could keep 20 things in my brain and still remember the times and dates for all of them. Not this weekend. A good friend of mine (Cheri's daughter) got married yesterday and I thought the wedding was at 2:00. In fact, I was convinced it was at 2:00. Guess what?? It wasn't. It was at 1:00. I could have kicked myself. But we did make it to the reception, where I saw another friend who recently had her 25th wedding celebration. They realized after the invitations were sent out that it was their 24th wedding anniversary, but decided to have the party anyway. Heh, that's my kind of woman. My father-in-law asked me if she was my mentor. I said, "Sure! Why do you think we get along so well?" At least one good thing is I will never rely on my mind again. I will always double check and always write things down.

Off to do some more packing.

And baking of some cookies. One always needs peanut butter chocolate chip in the midst of chaos.


Tonya said...

good luck with your packing and the move!! Im sure you will have everything organised.. that is going to be my new years resolution.. get more organised!! lol

Melissa said...

Mmm...peanut butter chocolate chip....sounds good to me!

Good luck with your packing and practicing!