Sunday, February 24, 2013

Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Think making your own foaming hand soap is difficult or expensive? It doesn't have to be! I got a simple foaming hand soap at the dollar tree. When that soap was used up, I decided to make my own (more natural) soap.This soap is great because the essential oil in it is not only anti-bacterial, but anti-viral. And it smells amazing! Do you want to know another little secret? I sneak this soap into the shower and use it as a shampoo. My hair comes out clean and soft, no conditioner needed.

What you need:
*An empty foaming soap dispenser
*5 drops doTERRA OnGuard Essential oil (or the essential oil of your choice). You will see the retail price of the oil in the link, but you can sign up for a membership and get all of their oils at a discounted rate if you'd like.
*1-2 Tbsp liquid Castile soap

Castile soap is amazing since you can use it for so many things AND it is concentrated, so you can dilute it and it will last you a long time. I have done a lot of shopping and found the best price on Castile soap online here on vitacost:

First, fill the container most of the way with water, then add the soap and essential oil. Screw the pump back on and shake to mix. It's as simple as that.

Happy soap making!

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kcwb said...

Does it work ok to put the EO in the plastic soap bottle? It doesn't eat away at the plastic? I hope not, because I'd love to do this!