Friday, April 15, 2011

Why I Love Cloth Diapers

1.) I never have to run out and buy diapers or wipes because they're always on hand.
2.) Rashes are few and far between.
3.) Blowouts are also rare. When we've taken a break from cloth in the past, I've always been glad to get back to it because of all the poo-plosions we've had in disposables.
4.) They reduce waste in landfills.
5.) They can save a lot of money.
6.) I like knowing that my baby's skin is soft, comfy, and free of chemicals.
7.) It makes me happy to pull a load out of the dryer, fold them with the girls, and see the pretty, folded stacks of colorful diapers.
8.) Last but not least, they are just so stinkin' cute, as evidenced by William sporting one of his dipes for you.


bloggymommy said...

i couldn't agree more! but then again i'm into cloth for just about everything!
your post almost makes me wish we still had one in diapers...almost ;-).

Josh Brahm said...
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Hannah said...

I wish I could've talked Josh into cloth diapers. Although, every time I'm WAY behind on laundry (like today) I'm glad we don't use them 'cause we'd have a couple of little bare butts running around. :)

Amanda said...

William is so cute!!