Friday, March 04, 2011

Gleaner's trip and William's room

I ended up going to Gleaner's on Wednesday this week since I was just wiped out on Monday. I've just been really tired, so hopefully I can get through my one-credit class this weekend. I'll be volunteering at Gleaner's this afternoon from 3-5, then heading right to class from 6-8:50. Then tomorrow I'll have class again from 9-5. Next week looks to be quite busy as well, so I'm hoping to get at least a bit of rest in there this weekend.

Gleaner's Trip
banana cake for the freezer
1 pkg oatmeal raisin cookies
1 pkg raspberry milano cookies
2 individual bags Doritos
8 sodas
1 bag pirate's booty snack
1 box herb Wheat Thins flatbread crackers
1 lb grape tomatoes
1 lb strawberries
2 lbs red grapes
2 green peppers
3 kohlrabi
1 bag mashed potatoes
2 romaine hearts
1/2 lb sugar snap peas
4 ripe bananas for making bread
6 cheese breadsticks
1 loaf sesame french bread
1 pkg whole wheat bagels
a few frozen chicken breasts
1 pkg tortillas
16 oz sour cream
1 pkg mashed sweet potatoes
1 jar duck sauce
26 oz strained tomatoes
1 asian noodle bowl
1 pkg honey butter cornbread mix
1 can mandarin oranges
1 pair pants for William

My mom came over the other day and brought some things to decorate the kids' rooms. I had a few jungle themed items for William's room, including his crib set, a mobile, a throw pillow (also from mom), and a fleece blanket. Mom brought over some things to hang on the walls and another throw pillow, so I finished decorating. I think it turned out really cute, and the only thing I paid for was the crib set that I bought when I was pregnant!

Here is the view looking directly into his room. I put some of his jungle animals on the shelf mom brought. Under the shelf is a monkey picture frame that I'll put a baby picture in. On the dresser are two baskets-one for his bibs and one for his burp cloths-and a soft book that was made in Africa.

On the right hand wall is his toy chest along with two of the pictures that mom found at a local thrift store. They still had the tags from Target on the back. What a find!

Here is his crib. I had the bedding set custom made by a work-at-home mom I found online. I love it! The quilt is double-sided with a different design on either side. His name is embroidered on the front. The mobile I got on clearance at Babies R Us when I returned a duplicate set of onesies after my baby shower. Mom got William the green pillow for Christmas and found the lion pillow at the thrift store where she got the shelf and the pictures.

Here is his crib from the side, with the other two pictures mom brought.

The fleece blanket on the glider was one that my sister-in-law had for her son and the funny thing is that it is the same exact print that is on his bedding set. It couldn't have been more perfect. The boppy cover I got from my sister, and it just so happens that it matches the blue in the blanket quite well. Don't mind that corner over there ;). There are still a few boxes to sort through from the move. Those are mostly things we need to sell or donate.
Finally, here is the inside of his closet. In the bins are clothes and shoes he is waiting to grow into and on the top shelf are extra blankets and sheets. Our luggage is on the far side of the closet, along with a few more things I'm planning on selling. One of my upcoming projects will be to make actual labels for all the bins that we have. Right now I'm just writing the contents on some duct tape.

So, that is William's room. I'll post some pictures of the girls' room soon, too

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Meg said...

Nice job mom. Now we'll come back in about 10 yrs. to see how he keeps his room!!! Kids have their own ideas for sure. Looks like you are doing a wonderful job. Nice to read about your adventures.