Monday, July 09, 2007

Hot mama

We're getting real hot over here on the West coast! It's supposed to get over 100 on Tuesday, which doesn't happen often here. I haven't been on much due to my homework. I have a quiz almost every math class. There are also 3 tests and 1 final. Plus homework on the days that we don't have tests. And it's all crammed in to 6 weeks!

So how many of you know much about financial aid when it comes to school? They offered me $2860 for the year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring). That should pay for tuition and most of books. The area I'm sweating about is child care. It's going to cost well over the amount that my classes are going to; around $4700 a year. I got approved for a $3000 student loan, but that still leaves us paying out $140 a month, which is still quite a bit over our budget. I don't know how they calculate how much they'll give you to help with day care, but it seems to me that they should look at the actual cost, not just pull some number out of the sky. I was too late for scholarship applications, so I'm getting on top of that ASAP next year. Debt is a part of going to school, but I'd rather have less debt and more freedom when I get out. I'm really new to all of this, so maybe there's something that I should be doing that I'm not.


Shinny said...

Check and see if they have a daycare through the school. Sometimes they will adjust the rate to what you are able to pay when you are a student. Good luck and congrats on taking the leap to go back to school.

Emmakirst said...

I know that it's different for tuition and whatever in Canada, for me I had a student loan of 10,000 each year. My experience is, it's wonderful at the time, a huge help but I am SUFFERING now, with almost 60,000 in debt, (i have 2 degrees) Anyway, so glad you're going through nursing it is a great career!

my4kids said...

It is HOT here Becci. How are you guys handling it? Our house hasn't gotten below 80 degrees inside in days. I'm really looking forward to moving right now.

I'm not sure about the daycare thing. I know it can be expensive though. I agree with shinny though check into wether or not the school has onsite daycare its usually lower rate if your a student and it has the added bonus of having Dorothy close by! No running all over town to pick up the baby before going home.

Hey also I really want to get together with both you and Hannah together befor I move. Let me know if you have any time and we can try to coordinate with Hannah.

Renae said...


Check with the financial aid office about extenuating circumstances. If you had high out-of-pocket medical bills last year you may be able to get more money. I know we did this a couple of times when I was in school (back in the mid-90s).

Also - it's never too late for scholarships. Get on the web and check out scholarship sites - many take apps or have award periods year round.

Praying this all works out!

Sara 2 said...

My vote is to convince your mom to retire and begin her second career as daycare providing grandma! :)