Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July! We're going to go to a picnic and then to my parents' house. I'm not sure yet whether we'll go to see some fireworks or not. The past week has been awful in our family. My brother's wife has left the state and is living with an ex. I just can't believe that this whole thing is happening. Their girls are 4 1/2 and almost 3. Just so sad.


my4kids said...

Hope your 4th is happy Becci.
Sorry to hear about your brothers wife....that is sad. Did she take the girls too?

Sara said...

So sad.
Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Sara said...

Becci! I am so sorry. That just sounds horrible. Did she leave the girls? You know I know the feelings.

Tonya said...

Hope you had a good 4th Becci.. that is terrible about your SIL