Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fun times

Well, sorry for the lack of blogging, but I've been under the weather for the past week. Plus Dorothy had a relapse with her croupiness as soon as she finished her round of antibiotics. She's been having a hard time settling down for the night, and frequently wakes up for the first few hours. I just started on a round of antibiotics for sinusitis, so hopefully I'll be feeling up to par soon. It's much harder being a good mommy when I don't feel good!

Book buying time is at the end of this week. Math class starts next Tuesday night, and my two online classes start on the 25th. Bring it on!


my4kids said...

I hope your feeling better soon!
it is harder being mommy when your sick!
Good luck with the school stuff!
I am not brave enough to go back.

Stina said...

hey girl,

If you buy your books online by ISBN # you will save a ton!!!

Check it out--we saved a few hundred dollars the last time we had to buy them...

Tonya said...

hope you are both feeling better soon :)