Thursday, June 14, 2007

The adventure begins

It seems almost surreal to be going back to school. I know some people go back when their children are grown, but to go back now just seems so different than the vision I originally had for my life. For our lives.

It's difficult to soak in how much things have changed since we started out on this quest of beginning a family together. There is still a large part of my heart that sinks when I hear that someone is pregnant. And it's not because I am not happy for them; it's just that I'm still trying to let go of the idea of having a handful of kids running around. In one form or another I'm sure we will. Even though I don't know when or if we'll try again, I can't bring myself to get rid of all the baby things that are quickly piling up in our too-small apartment. There are still two bins of maternity clothing in our closet, begging to be used one more time.

Even with those feelings, I believe that I'm making the right decision by going to school. My love for learning has not died in the years since I graduated high school. Competition and drive to get in to the program will be one of the things that get me through the overwhelming times. Now that I know what I'm fighting for, it's easier to fight. I'm going to do everything I can to get ahead without sacrificing too much time with my daughter and husband.

Wish me luck!


Catherine said...

Good luck!

my4kids said...

Good luck, Becci.
If you liked school to begin with you'll do well.
Remember my sister is willing to give you any advice on the nursing part when you get there.

Sarah said...

Good luck and have fun! Returning to school as an adult is rewarding & nursing is a great profession. I know it will be challenging to be away from your daughter and also delay a second pregnancy, but I bet it's probably better for your family in the long run for you to be a nurse!

purple_kangaroo said...