Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Angel

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As I was reading through some old writing of mine, I ran across a piece that I wanted to share. It's about an encounter I had when I was driving home from my job as a preschool aide when I was 20. I hope it blesses you as it did me.

~My Angel~
My angel, I discovered, was not so obvious as one might assume. No wings. No grand, singing entrances. No trumpets or loud announcements. A simple woman. Any other person on the street; but to me... so much more. She turned to me slowly at first, as she appeared to be headed somewhere, with an armful of books and a determined look on her face as she crossed the street. In one hand she held a small bunch of pink flowers. I smiled at her when she looked my way, not so much out of gladness to see her, but as a routine gesture of kindness. Suddenly, her face lit up like I had given her the most valuable gift. She walked swiftly toward my car as I rolled down the window, quite puzzled at what she might want. Then, she reached down and pulled out a single flower and placed it in my outstretched hand. Not a word was spoken on her part. She just handed me the flower and walked away as quickly as she had come. And I was left with the reminder that God does not forget the little things that bring us joy, and every once in a while when we have days where nothing seems to make sense, he sends an angel... which may be nothing more than a stranger with a friendly smile and a little bunch of pink flowers.

~Becci, 2000~