Thursday, June 09, 2011

Preparing for July 3rd

July 3rd is the day I set an appointment at Akemi Salon to get my hair put in dreadlocks. I suppose I could do it on my own, but I prefer neat and manicured locks, which is much more quickly achieved when you have someone do them for you. The great thing about this salon is that they don't use any product in the hair, so it's completely natural. I'm all for that!

I do realize that getting dreadlocks may not be the most popular decision, so I'd like to talk about a few reasons that I have chosen to get them.

First of all, I really embrace who I am as God has made me... with my likes, dislikes, talents, and quirks. As different as dreadlocks might be, I think they will really fit my personality. I've been drawn to them for a long time now and keep coming back to them. When I was in the hospital during my pregnancy with William, I constructed a Dream Board with pictures and words of all the things I wanted to do and be, as well as places I wanted to go. As silly as it sounds, getting dreadlocks was one of the things on that board. My goal is to fulfill as many of those things as I can, and I feel like this will be an important step for me as a person.

Secondly, they will symbolize my walk with Christ. Being a busy wife and mother can be difficult, and faith can fall out of view so easily. Many people who get dreads see them as a picture of their spiritual journey. In keeping with that, I will incorporate a few things I've discovered as I've read about them.
*They will remind me that I am imperfect, but still beautiful in the eyes of God. The first few months of dreadlocks will be challenging as they form. There will be some loose hairs and some bad days, just as I have bad days in my walk with God, but that there is always beauty in spite of the imperfections.
*They will remind me that Christ encountered opposition and hardship, just as I will in this life. People might judge me incorrectly, but God knows my heart. And surely many men judged Jesus incorrectly when He walked this earth. If they hadn't, He would not have been crucified. But how thankful I am that He was... because His resurrection gives me hope and a future.
*They will remind me to pray for others. I love one idea I read about a while back. Putting beads on some dreadlocks can be a reminder to pray for certain people. My first bead will be for my grandma. She's my last living grandparent who is battling with the progression of dementia. It's so difficult for her and my mom. They both need peace. I will also be adding beads for my children so that I remember to pray for them daily.

The third reason would be their simplicity. As I aim to simplify my life, dreadlocks just fit. Although they can take a bit of maintenance as they lock up, in the long run, I'll have to spend very little time on my hair. The care will consist of:
* Washing with residue-free shampoo and towel/air drying them. Contrary to what many people think, you can (and should) wash dreads on a regular basis. Clean hair actually locks up better.
*Using some essential oil as needed (peppermint or tea tree).
*Occasional palm-rolling to keep things under control.
That's it! No more frequent haircuts (mine grows fast), highlights, hair dryers, flat-irons, sprays, conditioners, gels, or pomades.

Last but not least, I think they are pretty :). I love how colorful, unique, and expressive they are. I can't wait to have fun with them as they grow and mature (like I hope to do along with them).

You can also see some photos of a couple gorgeous dready mamas here and here. This should be another interesting journey. Thanks for joining me!


Anonymous said...

I know you are going to be a midwife, and that's great. But I would never hire someone with hair looking like a rat crawled in there and dug around some to help me birth my child. We are not in jamacia..and we are not living in the 60's anymore. Your features are too pretty and too delicate for something as harsh as this hair-do. I don't get frequent haircuts..I get a trim once a year, I don't do highlights or sprays, gels or pomades and I haven't used a hair dryer since I was 16 and I'll be 33 this year. You putting your walk with GOD into your hairdo is just you trying to validate it so you can do it. I don't mean to sound so harsh..I'm a stay at home mother and wife too, and really, how does your husband feel about this? I know it's not his hair, but he does have to see it and live with it. And in the does say that the husband comes first and we are to love and obey him.

You are beautiful and natural without this hairdo and you are a wonderful Mommy and I've enjoyed your blog so much and have actually done things that you have suggested! I loved how are your cabinets are organized. Please reconsider this new hairdo and find something that really brings out your type A personality :o)

Thrilling Thrifties said...

I have to say I actually feel the total opposite. I think that they are beautiful and that you will look just lovely and I can't wait to see you at church!!!

Alicia said...

I always love it when people share their opinions and don't have the balls to say who they are...its fine if you don't agree with her decision but grow up and learn some manners! Your stupid, narrow-minded comments are just your way of trying to tell her to be more like YOU...and you don't sound like too nice of a person to me. If Becci wants dreadlocks and they make her happy, then she should do it! Obviously she knows that not everyone would agree with it, otherwise she wouldn't have gone to the trouble of patiently explaining to all of her friends why she was doing it...her reasons are HER reasons! And her relationship with God is her own and doesn't need to pass your standards. And by the way, its spelled "Jamaica" not "Jamacia." And I'm NOT afraid to tell you who I am...I'm Becci's friend and I support her wanting to be her own person and if you were a real friend, you would to. Besides, I really don't think most women would care what type of haircut someone has when they are in the middle of labor.

Ange said...

Anon, sorry to say - I disagree with you on almost every point. (The only agreement is that we don't live Jamaica.)

I know Becci, and don't believe she's putting her walk with God into her hairdo. I read the post & got the impression that she's looking for a simpler hairstyle, & one that compliments her sense of style. Jesus didn't pass judgment on hairstyles - only on people who passed judgment on things like ... outward appearances.

(Also - the Bible specifically says that we (spouses) belong to each other. Which means David should ask Becci about his hairstyle choices, too, right?)

Robert said...

Dreadlocks are cute / sassy / sexy! What is even hotter is not worrying what other people think. Just be yourself and be happy!

How do you do dreadlocks? Does it use glue?

bloggymommy said...

I would totally hire a midwife with dreadlocks...I've even thought about getting them myself :-).

I think that you should do whatever you would like to do. And I know you wouldn't be doing it if David wasn't cool with it too.

Besides, if you decide you don't like them (not because of what anyone else says), you can always cut them and have a cute short cut! You're awesome!

miraclebaby said...

And this is why I love my friends so much!

And Robert, you're killing me here! Glue?!!

miraclebaby said...

And, by the way, the Bible does not teach us to obey our husbands. We are to honor/respect them and they are to love us sacrificially. So, the way we see it, it goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love Robert's comments...:-) Those of us who know and love Becci, know it the hair thing is her expression of life, etc. You do know not everyone is going to bless you for the dreadlocks. Don't sweat it.

DannielleSB said...

I'll say they are ugly.. but I'm not going to sit here and blast you for wanting to get them. It's your hair not mine. If you like it, that's all that matters.

miraclebaby said...

LOL, well, thanks :). I am quite aware that some people won't like them on me, but probably because they wouldn't really like them on anyone, so I'll just try to take that in stride. And, if they just end up horrible, then I can always get a hair cut! I ended up doing them, so I will be posting pics pretty soon. I think they look cute pulled back with a headband on... and nobody at church blasted me for having them, either, so that's a plus ;).