Monday, December 08, 2008


It's finals week! I am almost done with my final writing paper. Now all I have to do is take my finals for History and Philosophy, and make a few additional comments on my group project in History. It will be a relief to get it all done, so hopefully the professors put those tests up early in the week.

Dorothy is on antibiotics again, this time it's a different one and so far no hives. She's also on antibiotic eye drops now just in case the goopyness in her eye is more than just discharge from the cold. She's still coughing a lot at night and in the morning, but during the day she seems a bit better. I feel like I'm going to have a full-blown cold here in a few days...... I say bring it on now so I can have it over by the time labor starts (which could be any time, really). I get my last progesterone shot this Wednesday. Then a week from Thursday I get my cerclage removed and David starts a week of vacation. It would be nice if Charlotte just came within that week so he doesn't have to go back to work before his paternity leave. It's all coming so fast!!

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BasilBean said...

I wanted to e-mail you, but can't find a link anywhere on your blog.

I'm wondering what kind of anti-contraction meds you have taken.

If you want to reply through e-mail you can reach me at nannybasil@hotmail(dot)com

Otherwise, I can look here for a response.


By the way, I'm so excited that you have made it so far! Little Charlotte will be here so soon!