Saturday, September 06, 2008

Still going strong

I'm now 22 weeks and holding steady. I've been on anti-contraction meds that seem to be keeping things calmer, and so far my cervical length remains long enough. Though last ultrasound the difference between without pressure and with was almost a full centimeter and you could see it funneling above the stitch a bit. But so far so good. I have another appointment on Tuesday.

We had a great time at the beach. Dorothy was sitting behind me on the way over there and all of a sudden I hear this little, "goin' peach." She loves the beach, and she still talks about playing in the sand. She helped daddy build sand castles and took walks with Grandpa. Then David and I got a night to ourselves. I didn't want to come home!

As soon as I get the pictures from Dorothy's birthday party on the computer, I'll put them on here. That's right... our baby turned 2 yesterday. It has gone by so fast!


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Dorothy! WOW! I can't believe she's two!!! It seems like yesterday I took her 9 mos portraits! sheesh time is zooming!

your belly is looking great! grow babe, grow!

Catherine said...

You look fabulous!
Happy 2nd Birthday little girl!

Lizze said...

Happy birthday Dorothy! And yay for 22 weeks! :)

Alice said...

Happy Birthday Dorothy! And congrats on 22 weeks! 40 will be here before you know it.