Friday, April 04, 2008


This week was the beginning of Spring term. I'm happy to report that my College Algebra class stayed open despite low enrollment. After a couple of people dropped, we ended up with only eight students in class. The gal I was sitting next to said it felt like we were in an expensive private university. With the combination of a small class and an excellent teacher, I have high hopes of doing really well, and also enjoying my time there. This will also be the first math class I am taking in a non-condensed form, and let me tell you there is already a difference. He is able to spend much more time on each topic, which helps with not having to do as many repetitive problems at home.

I also had my appointment with my OB on Monday. We have two options... one is clomid to help me ovulate on a more regular basis, which should also make my luteal phase longer and aid implantation. The other option is to let my body ovulate when it's good and ready and supplement with progesterone from 3 days after ovulation, and up through 10 weeks, should I get pregnant. David and I started our Doxycycline this morning, the antibiotic we have to take for two weeks to treat a possible infection in either of us. I am not thrilled about having to decide between progesterone and Clomid. Somehow I doubt that the clomid would help my progesterone stay high for the whole first trimester, but I don't really know how these things work. All I know is that I would feel more secure taking progesterone the whole first 10 weeks, but I also would like to ovulate sooner than day 19-30, which is my time range. So here we go, and hopefully a live baby this time.

Here are some Dorothy pictures, too. I just love this girl!

And here is sick mommy. I had a low-grade fever and headache all week (from Saturday through Thursday), and now that it's Friday, AF decided to show full-force, which practically puts me to bed every time. Don't I look (not) fabulous?


Catherine said...

My goodness she's just beautiful! (and so big!)

And you look great even when you're sick. But I hope you feel better soon. {{{hugs}}}

GrammaGrits said...


I had my blog setting wrong for your address and had wondered why no news since February - duh! Anyway, the wife of the gentleman who did the worship weekend conference is a midwife and has been for over 20 years. Sorry I can't remember their names, but Terri could tell you and help you get in touch with her. She might have some insight for you regarding that. Continuing to pray . . . Vickie

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you feel better soon, and that the new approach with your OB will work!

Renae said...

Dorothy is beautiful! So stinkin' cute! And it's obvious that she got her adorableness from you. You look better sick than I do when I'm well!

Sounds like your ob is approaching things well. We did the clomid too - for us it was an emotional roller coaster. I'll be praying for minimal side effects for you. I'm also a fan of still doing the progesterone right after ovulation thru 10-12 weeks. Because my body is whacked out, our ob referred us to an RE whom we love. He is much more thorough and does lots of baseline ultrasounds and checks things out good. We are now on round 2 of injectables - but we've never been able to get pregnant - so dealing with different issues. But I would definitely push the progesterone until 10 weeks issue. Sending up prayers for another miracle for you.