Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poor Little Babe

Dorothy went to the Dr. today. She got some tylenol with codeine for her sore throat/cough, as well as some antibiotic for an ear infection. When she woke up with 102 degree fever this morning, I decided that was it. We had called yesterday after she cried most of the day (in addition to my concerned call on Saturday). Without a Dr. even seeing her they said they wouldn't be able to do anything for her anyway. So we moved on to call # three today; they finally said they could work her in for a quick appointment. Gee. Thanks for the great customer service, and I'm so very glad we're not an annoyance to you. I better go get her now. She's crying in her bed:(


my4kids said...

Sorry about the ear infection I hope she's better soon.

KMW said...

So glad you saw the doctor, though. My pedi did say that colds can turn into ear infections pretty quickly so I am glad that she had some antibiotics for that. Poor Dorothy! Hang in there!

Tonya said...

Hope she feels better soon and you need a NEW Doctor!