Monday, February 26, 2007

Hi-ho hi-ho

It's off to work I go. It's only 9 hours a week, but still.

Right before I got pregnant with Dorothy I worked part time for a couple of months filing medical records at the clinic my MIL works at. She's in charge of the records department, so I was able to get the job without even having an interview. I had to quit right away when I found out I was pregnant due to the spotting. Plus I was scared to death of my cervix. Good thing I did quit because at 10 weeks I was 1 cm dilated.

Well, I hadn't planned on going back to work unless something really amazing came up. I love being home with Dorothy. But on Friday I got a call from my MIL. "How would you like to start work on Monday?" In spite of the short notice, my mom agreed to watch Dorothy for me. Grandma is next best to Mommy and it will give her some good bonding time with her. I am only working 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. And most likely it will only be for 4 months due to the fact that they are switching to electronic records as we speak. They just need someone to help in the meantime.

Now we can save a bit for the next pregnancy:)

Wish me luck.


The Princess said...

That's wonderful news Becci!

Shelbi and Berek's Mom said...

LOL!! You go girl!! I'll pray that you conceive with the quickness, and that all goes smoothly. Good!!

melissa said...

good luck to you!! Great your mom is available to watch the little sweet girl. my maternity leave ends this week, back to work for me on monday. Unfortunately full time.

Tonya said...

Good luck!!

my4kids said...

Good luck Becci, at least you know your boss is going to be understanding :)