Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wishy Washy

Did anyone ever notice that a stay-at-home-mom's job consists of mainly one thing? For some odd reason the thought never crossed my mind until today.

This one thing is all-consuming. It is never-ending. It is done on a variety of levels.

It is....

Washing stuff.

The clothes, the dishes, the baby's butt, the baby's body (carefully washing between the pudgy rolls), the baby's bibs and burp-cloths, the bed sheets, the floor, the bathroom, the bottles, the pump parts, the windows, (dusting) the furniture, occasionally the car, and finally (if we're lucky) a shower sometime mid-afternoon. For us lucky cloth diapering moms, diapers are added in to the mix as well:)

I thought of this while on the phone with David and he asked me what I was doing. At the time I had a load of dishes in the dishwasher. A load of diapers was in the machine. The bottles were in the drying rack. Everything I have done so far today (besides list a few more items on ebay) consisted of washing something. Go me.

In addition to all of the washing (God help me) I am trying to fight off this cold I have been trying to get. All I need to do is fight it until tonight after church when I am done singing in the trio. Here's to success.

And happy washing to all!


purple_kangaroo said...

So true. And I actually got a shower before noon today . . . just barely.

my4kids said...

So true. When I was home with the kids that is what I did other then when they get bigger and it includes chasing your kids around to clean up after themselves and trying to fit in making sure they are happy kids. Probably the reason my house has never been as clean since I have been working as it was when I was home. I do have to admit I would rather be home cleaning up after everyone then what I do at work.. I would never say be home was eiser EVER just more rewarding to me to have a clean house and happy kids that were happy to come home from school to their mommy. I am jealous of stay at home moms now and I was always told when I went back to work I would enjoy the older company, Most the time i would rather the company of my kids who I could tell were wrong when they were and not listen to rude people other then my kids who could be sent to their rooms for it. I am not sure where I am getting at here but YES being home does mean a lot of washing! So happy washing today and get some rest in between so you can keep that cold at bay and not just till tomorrow (remember that is Thanksgiving and you want to be able to taste all the good foods!) I will hope you keep that cold at bay completely! I know I am rambling........

Tonya said...

ohh too true!!