Sunday, November 26, 2006

Deja Vu

Today we had Thanksgiving all over again. I stayed home from church (didn't figure anyone wanted to sit in front of someone who was coughing) and cooked a nice turkey dinner with all the fixins. The turkey turned out lovely even though it had been a few years since I cooked one. Usually it's the parents who cook the big meals on Thanksgiving. But this year the gleaning program we take part in was given 100 turkeys by one of their donators. Since we don't buy meat very often, it was great to cook up a big bird in the oven, stuffing and all.

We had a lot left over so I was able to save enough for some sandwiches and put the rest in freezer bags to use in soups or casseroles later. I might try some turkey enchiladas to see if they taste as good as the chicken ones I make. Maybe I'll start to post some of my favorite recipes. Cooking is something I have always enjoyed, and now that I am recovered from childbirth I'm getting back into the groove. Cooking on a budget is challenging sometimes, but Gleaner's has changed that in a big way for us.

We pay $40 a month, which goes toward the cost of operation and renting the warehouse. It's really amazing how the whole organization started. If you go to the link I posted above, you'll be able to read the story. In addition to the dues, there is also a requirement to volunteer 2 hours a month. There is always an abundance of food donated. A lot of it is close to the date or just past it, but as long as you use it quickly or freeze it, it's not an issue. Sometimes there is something wrong with the package, like the box of cereal has been ripped in a spot, but the bag is still fine. I found some baby formula there that is still 6 months from being expired. And baby juices and jars of food that are still good for at least that long.

This program helps us immensely. Not only is there food, but people bring their clothes to donate instead of taking them to a thrift store. I have found clothes for all of us there. Danner boots also brings their returned items, most of which have no visible flaws and have only been worn once or twice. Danner boots are nice. And those turkeys someone donated? They were still frozen, and months from the sell by date. Somebody just donated them so that people who wouldn't normally be able to buy one could take one home. I was extra thankful this Thanksgiving.

Of course, I have to be. How could I not??


Tonya said...

that super cool and it is great that they have programs like that out there when you really need them. Love the shot of Dorothy and wish I could try the turkey enchiladas.. ;)

BethGo said...

That sounds like a wonderful program.
We had second Thanksgiving at our house last night too only with a chicken instead of a turkey. My son wanted to do it again tonight!