Monday, November 13, 2006


I made it. It's 10:14pm and I am posting today.

I am embarking on a new adventure. An adventure in designing and sewing cloth diapers in hopes that people will come flocking to EBay to buy them...


So maybe not flocking.

I have been toying with the idea of doing this for a while now; I even thought of it while I was still pregnant with Dorothy. I've always been creative. Artsy-fartsy some would say. This sort of thing would be just the right fit for me. Something my non-college-edumacated self could do AT HOME to make a bit of money. That's the hope, anyway.

I went to Wal Mart last night to look at some fabric. I got mostly flannel (a few different prints) and two yards of a stretchy terry-cloth. I am borrowing my mother-in-law's frighteningly expensive Baby Lock sewing machine that she doesn't have time to use, on which to practice away at several different diaper patterns that I'm working on. I've done some (ok, a lot) research on diaper sewing how-to websites. Let me tell you, there are a lot of them out there. And let me tell you another thing. People sell their dipes on EBay all. the. time.

I will be just one among many. But I think by being creative with my ideas I can do a good job with this. Already (after making two of them) my fitted cloth diaper fits quite well.

No, not me, silly. Dorothy.

I kind of patterned it after a disposable I had and tweaked it somewhat. It ended up fitting very much the same, so I think I'll try to hunt down some "sposies" in each size and do the same for those patters.

I have already made a beautiful black and white paisley prefold out of flannel in the newborn size. I have also been trying to draft a good pattern for a contour diaper. Interestingly, it is more challenging than the fitted one, though the sewing takes less time. My goal is to make them as fun and bright as possible.

Then maybe people will want to try them out even though I have never once sold anything on EBay, so I don't have any positive feedback on what a wonderful seller I am and how amazing my diapers are. But they will be.

If I make them, they will come.


purple_kangaroo said...

Making diapers is a lot of fun! Did you decide to go with or without gussets in the fitted?

miraclebaby said...


my4kids said...

Hey Becci if my kids were still in diapers I would try them. Although I am trying to figure out something different for Madison and her nights. Since she has her bladder issues she has never had a dry night and I am really getting tired of buying pullups. The idea of figuring out something washable is starting to sound like a good idea. Only problem is the training pants don't really contain the potty and she just ends up wet and she doesn't like the idea of a diaper. Anyway you should post some pictures with the amount of people who check your blog you may be able to get started right here!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Becci! Let me know when you are up and running...I'm in the market for some cloth diapers!