Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things I like about today....

The leaves are gorgeous.

Baby Charlotte is active and well.

Halloween chocolate was still on sale at Safeway last night:)

I enjoyed a cup of hot tea with chocolate chip cookies.

I took a nap on sheets fresh out of the dryer.

My meals that I froze are tasty. Tonight it was beef stew with biscuits. MMMM!!!

*notice that 3 of the things I listed have to do with food. I like food these days.

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand the food thing Shmecci. I LOVE food too right now. Plus when you feel this yucky from being pregnant you want something that makes you feel better and food just seems like that one thing. I was drooling as I read your blog. I think I like the name Charlotte. It is pretty. Can't wait to see her. Wish I could be in the room with you again like with Dorothy. Oh well. Not sure who I want in the room with me other then Nick. If the girls were old enough I would want them with me. I know Emily would love it. Well, off to read more of your blog entries. Love you.