Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Dorothy is still getting hives from the Amoxicillin she took, but they seem to be much better than yesterday. Even in the evening yesterday, they seemed to be getting bigger, but this morning they weren't as raised as they had been (although they were still covering her upper body and good portion of her legs). She woke up from nap today with one on her eyelid, but it has already gone down considerably. Hopefully the ear infection clears up on its own and she doesn't get sicker from starting and stopping an antibiotic so abruptly.

Other than that, I am just trying to get homework done intermittently since I didn't get any full days to work on it yet this week. Hopefully Friday I will have most of the day to study. My writing paper needs to get going... only two more weeks until it's due! I can't believe how fast the term went by this time. With being on bedrest, I fully expected it to drag on and on, but the opposite has been true.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow. Today I boiled some yams. Tomorrow I'll peel them and slice them and bake them up candied-style. Mmmmm I can taste the food already. Too bad my stomach hardly holds anything right now. I'll just have to take what I really like and not a bit of everything like I normally do:)

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