Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kicking Myself!

David informed me this morning that I forgot to blog yesterday, so no prizes for me this time:( Not that my odds were that great in the first place, but still. I'm still going to try to blog for the rest of the month, though!

Yesterday Dorothy got sent home from daycare because her eye was oozing green stuff. It had been weepy all weekend, and she has had a pretty nasty cold for close to 2 weeks now. They were afraid it might be pink eye because of the discharge, so she had to go to the Dr. before she could come back to daycare. For some reason when I called the advice nurse yesterday, they didn't put my message in the right box, so even after 3 calls, by the end of the day we still hadn't heard anything back. By the time David got home, I was really frustrated. He ended up calling them again and figuring things out, so we rushed out of the house for a last-minute appointment. Turns out she has an ear infection and the goop coming out of her eye is just from being so congested! She started on Amoxicillin and woke up this morning with hives. Now, she has had this antibiotic before, but they said don't give her any more until we hear back from the Dr. So now I'm a little worried about her reacting even more... I gave her a second dose this morning, and she got a bit of a fever. It's hard to say whether it came from a reaction or her ear infection, but we're keeping an eye on her until we hear back about what to do.

In a nutshell, that's what distracted me from blogging yesterday.


Lori Rode said...

My first effort at a soaker is enormous. I think it's going to be too large, even for Dorothy. And unfortunately, it's probably the same color as the goop coming out of her eyes.

I'd sit with her in a hot, steamy bathroom, or try the blow-dryer trick (blowing warm air gently in her ear). But what do I know? Not a parent.

Hugs to you both anyway. It's tough when the little ones are sick.

jkear said...

You might try an EarCheck(www.earcheck.com) to assist in diagnosing and monitoring an ear infection. I used it last night and it works. It confirmed that she had an infection so I gave her some Tylenol so she could sleep and then went to the doc this morning and he confirmed it. It is great peace of mind.