Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yesterday's News

Our weekly appointment went well yesterday. My cervix is TRULY still indecisive because it was back up to 3.5/3.0cm with minimal funneling again. Naturally we were hoping for news like that, but it just seems to fluctuate quite a bit from week to week. Oh well. So far we have stayed no lower than a 2 so we're on the right track. We are also 3w2d from 28 weeks!!!

So I had a little conversation with Dr. F yesterday about when the cerclage was going to be removed. He confirmed what I was originally thinking, which is 37 weeks (so much for hoping it would be at 35 weeks). That will give her more time to bake, anyhow. I also asked him about whether or not he would think about inducing me so he could be there because he is honestly the only Dr. I trust. He must think I am totally nutso for that, but whatever. He should be flattered. I am sure I can't be the only high-risk preggo that only trusts my specialist and fears a regular OB. He said that induction was something he might consider, but didn't seem to want to go there, which made me a bit nervous. I'm sure he has his reasons, but I would really like him to start talking like we are going to make it that far. Another topic was the bedrest. At first I thought maybe he would ease up a bit at 28 weeks, but he said around 32 is when she would have almost the same chance of survival as a full term baby, so he would gradually increase my activity at that point. Ok, so here is the low-down on my count-down as of today:

~Today marks 81 days on bedrest
~23 days until 28 weeks
~51 days until 32 weeks (and possible freedom)
~107 days until 40 weeks

We are going to have a crib in the house at 28 weeks. My mom is picking one up from someone this week, but I said I wanted to wait until I was more hopeful before we start bringing things in. There are so many things we are going to have to do in a short time!

~paint the baby's dresser white
~pick up our glider from David's parents and find a foot rest to go with it
~buy a carseat/stroller/swing/bassinet
~register for my shower (which I don't want until I am off bedrest if not after Dorothy comes)
~get all the bare necessities before she comes
~pack a bag for the hospital (which I should do now just in case!)

None of this stuff has been done. We do have some baby clothes and a crib bumper that we got from David's sister, but I haven't gone through any of it yet. There are enough clothes that I probably wouldn't need to buy any clothes, but I know I will want to go shopping. I hope he's serious about going off full bedrest at 32 weeks because that would give me a little time (most likely) in between to get things ready at least somewhat. But for some reason, this still doesn't seem real. I still can't wrap my mind around actually bringing a baby home as much as I really want her. Maybe I feel like I want her too much; maybe I wanted Kaily too much and that's why we don't have her. In all actuality I know that's not true, that it was a problem with my body and not my desire to have her that took her from us, but sometimes I still think that way.

All I can do is hope and trust that there is something bigger than me or David or Dorothy that we are a part of....


Mandy Lynn said...

I think that it is hard to wrap you mind around any big change like a new baby! We put our crib up early because I was having twins and we wanted to be prepared. Sometimes I would go in the nursery and lean over the side of it and it would seem so big and I would think "Am I really going to have two babies in this crib" It just seemed so unreal.

When they were born so tiny, the crib looked gigantic. I told one of the NICU nurses that I figured I'd better take the crib down because I thought they would fit much better in a shoe box. She laughed at me and said "One day that crib will be small compared to them" and she was right. Now we have 2 cribs because the girls have finally outgrown sharing a bed.

Congrat's on making it this far and I know everything is going to be okay. You are in my prayers!

KMW said...

I know you'll make it past 37 weeks. We have not purchased or even accepted anything from friends yet. My husband is VERY superstitious and we are both afraid to bring anything into the house--just know there is someone out there who is less prepared than you! I have been assured by my doctor that getting me through the pregnancy is her part, and hopefully for labor, we become just like "normal" preggos (hopefully). I'd love to have my peri, but I have a feeling that it won't happen. You are so close to 28! Great cervix length!

Emmakirst said...

Great news yesterday! Oh you are so close, yay! I hope you get more freedom once 32 wks hits.

I'm praying everyday that you make it to full term. Take care. :)

Christine Bolton said...

I ran across your blog and wanted to encourage you to press on. My 6 month old triplets were born at 28 weeks after going thru a surgical abdominal cerclage and months of bedrest including 8 weeks of "hardtime" on magnesium in the hospital, yikes.....I did the bedrest and so can you!!!
I'll add you to my prayer list!
Christine Bolton

Becky said...

It is so nice to have a doctor that you trust huh? What a blessing! I'll be praying for you Becci. :)

Tonya said...

Becci I know you have so much to do for when the baby comes but try not to stress to much about it! You will get it all done and you have people who can help you as well. It will be great for you to get some freedom once 32 weeks comes but then I think I would worry about you Even if you get the freedom still try and take it easy.. a babys chance at 32 weeks is very high but a baby born full term would be best.. I know what it is like to go through a pre-term pregnancy along with so many others and I really dont want you to have to experience it..

Glad your appointment was good news today!! YAY.. your getting closer *hugs*

purple_kangaroo said...

Big hugs. I don't think any of it (pregnancy, labor, bringing the baby home, etc) felt really real to me until it happened, either.

liz.mccarthy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your long ordeal on bedrest, I lasted 10 weeks myself until my twins had to be delivered due to an infection (my water had broken at 17 weeks from an amnio). You've made it so far, it will all be worth it soon! It was hard to believe when I was laying in bed, miserable, but I can hardly remember my misery any more!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Becci and David! This will be so worth it all when this little one is in your arms safe and sound. In the meantime, just know that you are surrounded by so many prayers each and every day for your safety, endurance, and solid knowledge that God is with you every step of the way.

Love and prayers to all the bloggers on this site!

amy said...

I am so glad your appointment went well. Those ultrasounds can be tedious and the waiting to hear the news can be scary. I remember holding my breath and hoping that there would be good news.

Bedrest can be mindnumbingly boring. Hand in there, okay!