Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OK Wow....

So this whole 3D ultrasound thing is still amazing to me. I just don't get how we can actually see what the baby looks like in there! Here is Dorothy at 23w3d yesterday at our appointment.

She was being a little shy at first:

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But she gave us a peek after she relaxed:

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And here is one of me at 23w1d on Mother's Day:

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Our little one has decided (after being head down since 12 weeks) to turn breech and kick the snot out of my already incompetent cervix. I try to tell her we need it to stay closed for a good long time yet, so could she please stop; she kicks even harder. I guess the independence starts in the womb!

Yesterday I started reading a book on pregnancy bedrest. It is kind of amusing, as it was published in 1986 I think. Here are some of their suggestions:

"The telephone with a special fifty foot extension cord was my lifeline... I wanted to keep my telephone with me everywhere I rested and walked. Or try getting a cordless telephone- more expensive, but handy."

Evidently before the days of the cell phone. I remember my dad's first cell phone. It was the size of a brick.

"Get a gadget to signal your family in other parts of the home, such as a handbell. Or use walkie-talkies- the toys work well."

You know why they call them walkie-talkies? Because you can walkie and talkie on them at the same time. Something tells me these won't be necessary in our 850 sq ft. home.

"Not all of (your smaller) these items need to be on the cart or table. You can use a set of shoe pockets...."

Shoe pockets? Are those the things that hang over your door?

"A video cassette recorder (VCR) enables you to watch whatever you like whenever you want. It is also possible to purchase or rent a video cassette player, a machine that plays, but does not record. These players are much less expensive than the VCRs.... be sure to get a remote control device, preferably cordless, so you can operate the machine while in bed."

How about my DVD player and cable TV? Between those and Blockbuster Online, there is never a lack for something to watch. I always make sure to get cordless remotes!:)

Aside from being outdated, there are some pretty good suggestions for how to set the room up and what to do with your schedule. Although I do have a bit of a beef with their wardrobe suggestions.

"Cotton/acrylic drawstring sweatpants, these can be maternity sweatpants or regular, just size extra-large."

"T-shirts. You can wear maternity tops or use men's T-shirts, size extra-large. If this size is still tight, cut side vents. One woman used fabric marker pens to decorate several men's undershirts."

These were just a couple of the winners for regular daywear. No thanks. Man, am I glad that maternity clothes have changed since the 80's!! I don't think I'd be caught dead in extra-large sweats and a decorated men's t-shirt cut on the sides. But, then again.....

"Honey, where's your undershirts???"


Tonya said...

OMG you can see Dorothy so well??? Those are serious ultrasounds the 3D ones.. I have to admit I have always found ultrasounds really Don't know why but I do.. You look beautiful Becci :)

The suggestions in the book are hilarious though.. you can tell it is old!! Good fun though :)

Ps... Dorothy please stop kicking your mom so much.. Just chill and grow will ya? lol

Emmakirst said...

She's so cute, i can't get over the detail. And you look great!

The book is absolutely hilarious, just you can totally tell that it's ancient! (remotes with cords!)
The mens shirt decorated is the best.

And yes, note to dorothy, turn around for mommy and stay put!

Mandy Lynn said...

Too funny! I am still laughing at the idea that the next time we check your post you will be sitting on your couch with a decorated men's tshirt on. I don't remember ever being THAT bored on bedrest :)

miraclebaby said...

LOL Just for you I am going to do that mandy lynn! Just you wait. Keep those eyes peeled!

Becky said...

The ultrasound pictures are great Becci! You look great too.

Maggie said...

The picture of Dorothy is so wild! That is so interesting!!!

You look awesome! What a proud looking mama!

Keep up the hard work.

Kathy said...

What? They make VCRs that can play AND record? And remotes without cords? You know what would be neat? If you could find a computer small enough to fit in bed with you--and somehow communicate with people through it, perhaps via some worldwide networking system. Wouldn't that make bedrest better?

Gotta love that book. It's probably worth it just for its entertainment value. BTW, I love the 3D pics. I'm starting to wish I'd had them done when I was pregnant.

amy said...

Oh wow, you are gorgeous and so is she. And I love love love the name! Keep up all your good on your left side resting. Keeping everything crossed for many many more days inside.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful mommy you are! Getting bigger by the day, and I KNOW you are not bothered by that. It is a celebration!

Isn't it amazing that we get the priviledge to SEE her??!!!

Becci, it is the Dorothy's ruby red slippers you are feeling kicking you.


Sarah said...

Hi! I just saw your comments at Catherine's, so i haven't read much here yet...

But i wanted to wish you the best for the next few months. I'm glad that you and the baby (Dorothy- i see- great name!) are doing well and you're making it through a long bed rest!

Blair said...

My little Squink apparently jumped on my cervix during the cerclage surgery... my nurse, bless her, told me it looked like the baby was mad because it thought they were hurting its mommy.

Keeterjen said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Dorothy is going to be a knock-out!

Maybe you should write an updated book on pregnancy bedrest. Pretty soon people aren't even going to understand "phone cord" and "walkie talkie!"

purple_kangaroo said...

I love this post. Great photos and what hilarious quotes and comments on that book.