Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Perinatology and Starbucks

Well we have one more week down as far as cervix performance goes. Still around 3 cm and still closed! Today I expressed my fears to the nurse about how the farther I get the more nervous I get about something happening in between my appointments. She asked me if I had gotten a referral to the preterm labor prevention team. First time I had heard of that. Interesting. Evidently it is a team of people that specialize in preterm labor and the signs of it. They work very closely with high risk pregnant women and keep in touch mainly by phone. They would send someone to come to one of my appointments and meet me, then keep in touch with me and ask questions to see if anything concerning is going on. They are also there for me to call after hours when the peri's office is closed, so I don't get stuck with a regular advice nurse that tells me (as happened when I lost the last baby) that leaking clear fluid is NORMAL! The nurse also said this should help me feel a bit better during the "eeeek" period of the pregnancy.

My dr. said today that weeks 23 through 28 are the worst time in a high risk pregnancy and I would be worried that whole time. I asked if he could just put me in a medically-induced coma for that month or so and he said "sure, general anesthesia!" If only it were that easy. He said he is very pleased that the cerclage is staying put in a good spot and there does not seem to be any funneling again this week, but that he would not be clapping for joy until we get past 28 weeks. Another thing that the nurse talked with me about was my bedrest situation. She said that normally after 28 weeks or so they would start "loosening the reigns" on my strict bedrest as long as everything was still looking pretty good. Not that I will be at a normal activity level, BUT that I will be able to get out a bit more. I will take what I can get. And hey, when I look at it that way, that means only about 8 1/2 more weeks of strict bedrest (if they are telling me the truth) and I have already done 6 1/2. So almost halfway there. Granted she said that they would still not necessarily WANT the baby to come that early, but IF it did statistically they do very well.

Another thing I love about today is that I got to get a frappucino from Strarbucks! I still have these gift cards from Christmas, which I was too sick to use in the first trimester and too bedridden to use in recent weeks. I felt like a real person today. The sun is out and the air is clean, I got to put on cute shoes and sit up for close to 1/2 an hour! I love Wednesdays! It won't be long until it is summer and I can get out a bit more and maybe go swimming (provided I get a nice reclining lawn chair to lounge in when I am not in the water). Oh and the food! Everything I see on TV looks amazingly delicious... pasta, tacos, desserts, teriyaki chicken! Bring it all on, I'll work it off after the baby comes. I do try to be somewhat careful about the sugar intake, but how I love eating, plus I get hungry within 3-4 hours after a meal. Babyb must be growing fast right now because my appetite is raging. Anything for the baby, right???


Sarah said...

Hey, saw your link on the Peeps site... hang in there! Feel free to wander over to The Continuing Adventures of Super Preemie if you want to read about our NICU experience. Shoshanna was born at 25w3d due to PTL with no known cause (although at first my OB thought it was IC). She's now 18 months old and hollering at the top of her lungs because I'm enforcing naptime. Here's to you being in the same position in about 22 months! ;^)

Melissa said...

I am glad to hear that things are going well and your cervix is cooperating. I will be keeping you in my thoughts that all continues to go well.
Oh, and yes, anything for the baby! Enjoy what you can when you can. I hope the next few weeks go by quickly for you. You seem to be in good spirits...keep it are an inspiration!

sarah said...

I remember those weeks! I promise they go by quickly..I am floored when I realize I'm almost 33w. Isn't funny how when you're on bedrest, something like putting on shoes and sitting in a car is like a freaking vacation?!! Ahhh, some day soon we'll look back and laugh at all of this!

Amy said...

Six and a half down is awesome. It's the middle weeks that were the hardest for me.

Here's to hoping you stay at 3 cm for 8 more weeks at least!

KMW said...

I am right there with you! Maybe we can both get drugged for the next month. You are doing great, keep it up!

Keet said...

I saw your link on Amy's site too and I wanted to wish you all the best. I don't have any advice on bedrest (I was never on it, my issues came rather out of the blue) but I did do the whole micropreemie experience. It's not something you want to happen, but there's a lot of hope.