Monday, April 10, 2006


Well, as it turns out all those things that I thought were movements..... actually were, because they are only getting stronger now. Seems to me that they happen more if I am on my back and especially right after eating. Guess she likes her food already... can't blame her for that! I can't wait until they are full-blown kicks that David can feel from the outside. I keep telling him I wish he could feel this it is so cool. Sometimes this whole thing seems surreal, like I am going to wake up one day and be like, "oh, yeah I am not really pregnant." I LOVE waking up every day knowing that our baby is still safe inside me, it is such a wonderful feeling. Now just stay there babyb until it's safe to came out!

I say yay for convenience foods on nights that we don't have dinner brought to us! The church and our family have been so wonderful about sending people with dinners for our eating enjoyment and Dave's sanity. And the visitors that come to feed me lunch and keep me from going insane out of boredom or lack of conversation are helpful, too. God bless 'em. Here's to all of you!!!! Dinner seemed to be MIA tonight so David broke out the frozen bean/cheese burritos and some salad. Gotta love the American way of life, don't you agree? Need something to eat? Just add water and/or pop it in the microwave and as Taco Bell says you're "good to go". The awful thing about pregnancy is this: even if it is a food that I normally like, I never know from one day/minute/second to the next if I am going to like it. And if I don't like the taste of it at that moment, no WAY is it going in my mouth, this gag reflex is waaay to sensitive! So tonight when going through the kitchen trying to figure out what to fix me, David lists off various items that normally I would like any of them, just pick one. Tonight.... none of it sounded good. So I guess I am not totally over the sickness yet, but we're making some progress....


purple_kangaroo said...

Woohoo! Those flutterings are so exciting to feel.

farrah said...

Hi Becci!

How are you! Just wanted to say again that we felt so silly to forget to bring dinner over to you. It was just sitting in the fridge and I spaced it out. So much for planning ahead, eh?
Anyhow - Adam and I would like to stop by sometime to visit you and Dave. I am not sure what your evenings are like but maybe we could bring dinner over again next week and have a meal with you guys. Would that work out OK? Just let us know. :) We'd love to see you guys again. Your presence is missed at our fellowship group and we look forward to when you'll be able to make it back after your little girl is born! Horay! We're praying for you! -Farrah Weinert