Monday, April 24, 2006

My view every day.....

We got our new camera in the mail today so I popped the battery in the charger and decided to play with it a bit.

Here is what I have seen every day for the past 7 weeks....

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And here is what anyone who comes to visit will see....

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I have actually gotten used to the laying around thing. It's not so bad.... most of the time. I did have a bit of a meltdown last night because the house is MESSY! Being the neat freak that I am it is hard to sit in a messy house and not be able to do anything about it, as I like to have control of my surroundings (maybe a bit too much at times). I will give up control for our baby. She is worth it most definitely. But that does not change the messy house fact. Someone should invent some glasses that make your house look clean even when it is not! Then when people come over they could just pop those puppies on and they would never know the difference. Dream on.

The other day I was tagged with a meme by Amy S. of Spreng Bling Bling, a woman who was also diagnosed with incompetent cervix, had a cerclage, bedrest (some of it in the hospital) and now has a beautiful baby boy! I had never been tagged before, so here goes.

Six Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I had to look up what being tagged was all about.

Yes, I did. I am new to the world of blogging so I looked up tagging to make sure I was understanding it correctly, and I didn't feel so stupid when I found out I was. LOL yes, I am learning many new things being on the computer every day.

2. I have hiked on a glacier.

I worked in Alaska for 3 summers. The camp I was working at was close to the Matanuska glacier, so we drove there and hiked all over it. Aside from the fact that I got stuck up high on the slippery ice and had to be "rescued" by one of the guys like a damsel in distress, it was an amazing experience. I felt so small and the world felt so big!

3. David and I only knew each other just over 5 months when we got married.

We met in the summer working at a summer camp as cabin leaders and by December we were married. I say when you know you know. I would not change it even if I could. No regrets, he is the best husband! (when you read this David, I LOVE YOU for putting up with this whole bedrest thing....)

4. I am a sore loser.

When it comes to board games, that is. I lose them most of the time and hate it every time. David on the other hand is great at them (blech it makes me sick). I don't know why other than I don't like looking STUPID. When we were playing "Would You Rather?" on New Year's Eve, the question came up, "would you rather always play but never win, or never play?" I said never play.

5. I collect socks.

I have almost no plain white socks. The only ones I have are ones that I work out in (obviously not in my current state). All my other socks have some kind of design or animal or whatever on them. Several of them are toe socks, but I don't wear those as often. My whackiest pair? Christmas toe socks where the little toes are reindeer and the big toe is Santa.

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6. I hate being asked to pick a favorite.

Color, food, movie, game, band, book, or vacation spot. I love variety and have a very hard time settling on one thing or the other. I go with what sounds good at the time. Variety is the spice of life!

Now for the people I am tagging:
PurpleK of Purple Puzzle Place
Melissa of One Sweet World
KMW of My Cerclage


Sara said...

Becci...sometimes I just don't think. I know I can't come next week but the week after that, when I come over put my butt to work!!! I will come make you lunch and then I can clean while we visit. I would totally LOVE to do that for you and Dorothy!!

miraclebaby said...

LOL Sara I jus enjoy having you here.... and anyway I did put you to work today running to that restaurant with the awful carpet and the people that didn't know what soda was! I appreciate you!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is something you can do with your socks. I don't collect socks per say but the socks in the picture look very similiar to the socks I gave birth to my daughter in. I hate having my rear end hanging out so when I give birth I always buy the craziest socks I can find and I wear them in labor and delivery. You should pick out a pair to wear. Then maybe people will look at your socks and not in other places.

Christy (from lam)

Cath said...

Just wanted to say good luck with the pregnancy!

sarah said...

Hey there! I got tagged by Amy, too! Glad I'm not the only one who was like, "mmmm, what's a 'meme'." LOL

Congrats on getting to 20w!! :-) It goes by so fast!!

Mel said...

Hi Becci,

Found you blog via a comment you posted on Caths "Just Me" Blog. Goog luck with the rest of yuor pregnancy and I love those crazy socks!

Mel x

Melissa said...

I feel ya on the messy house thing. I keep thinking if we get pg again and have to endure the whole bedrest thing, how I'm going to deal with it, seeing as how I'm a neat freak too. Maybe the brownies will show up and clean for you over night! Here's hopin'!
Thanks for the tag, by the way, its my first time! :)

KMW said...

Thanks for tagging me, Becci. It was more fun than I thought to think of all those things. Your daily view looks suspiciously like mine! I like the pix. I am too wimpy to show myelf:) Take care.

Tonya said...

Hi there im new to your blog as well :) Sorry to hear you are on bedrest.. that must be so difficult!! Im glad I found your blog and will continue to check for updates :)

miraclebaby said...

Thanks guys for checking in with me! It's really great to have a whole world full of people out there thinking about us and praying for us! I now have a very large list of blogs I check on daily, too.

Michelle said...

You look SO great!! Hang in there, you are a beautiful pregnant woman! :)

I remember the first time I saw the Matanuska (or however you spell it) glacier - it was pitch black but the glacier itself almost glowed in the moonlight. The most beautiful thing I ever saw... but I was too chicken to try to walk out on it, especially in the dark!

purple_kangaroo said...

Hi . . . I'll try to do the meme when I get a chance . . . Amy tagged me for one I haven't done yet, too.