Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Good Cervix!

We had our appointment today and the cervix was still hanging in there and behaving itself at 3.5 cm, so we had a "things look good this week" from the dr. again. Plus he wondered if maybe the progesterone shots were helping because it didn't funnel this week like it did last week, which to me seems like good news. Every week seems like a giant hurdle at this point.

Today was also our "big" ultrasound where they looked at all the baby's major organs and measured everything to get an estimate on size and weight. We were really amazed at the detail you can see on those machines. We saw all the chambers of the heart and the internal organs and the parts of the brain. Babyb seems to be healthy and strong, but likes to sleep a lot. Here are some more pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

It is always nice to get out of the house too.... to put one some cute shoes and show off my maternity clothes (oh, the vanity) for one hour every week. I drank in the "fresh air" walking from the hospital entrance to the car (the farthest I have walked since the cercalge was put in), which may or may not have been cheating, but the car was on the first level so I didn't have to walk THAT far! I felt like an outlaw, really. Was somebody going to stop me? Oh, and that weight gain I spoke of? Well, it seems like their scale was having an off day last week because I was down to the same weight that I was before. I KNOW I am not wasting away because I eat plenty of food, so I figure all my muscle is just shrinking and I am gaining the fat. Guess I will just have to work out extra hard after the baby comes. Jogging stroller?


purple_kangaroo said...

I'll bet you'll make it to term and then spend the last week or two walking, walking, walking to try to trigger labor. :) I have a friend who was on bedrest for most of the pregnancy and then went two weeks overdue!

purple_kangaroo said...

Oh, also I wanted to tell you my mother-in-law said to tell you this:

"I'm sorry about the loss of their first baby. We lost our first one at 5 and 1/2 months (or maybe 6), and went on to have 14 more pregnancies. Encourage them to continue! They could end up with 12 0r 13!"

miraclebaby said...

LOL I would not be able to rely on other people for that many pregnancies!

Krystal said...

I'm so happy that baby girl is healthy! Hang in there!!!! :)