Monday, February 07, 2011

Small Grocery Trip Tally

This morning my mom came over to watch the kids while I took a quick trip to Safeway. Thanks, mom! In addition to my WIC checks, I had a few things on my list that we're running low on. Since my husband works for Safeway, we get an additional 10% off of the store brand products, which makes it a bit more affordable to shop there. I also think it's good to support my husband's business whenever I can. Generally, I try to stick to sale items and/or Safeway brand products. Here's what I picked up (linked to The Grocery Cart Challenge):

WIC Checks
2 Gallons 1% milk
1 lb cheddar cheese
1 lb great northern beans
2 dozen eggs
3 cans frozen apple juice
1 bunch bananas
3 roma tomatoes
1 bag yellow onions
36 oz brown rice
1 box quaker oat squares
1 box honey bunches of oats
1 jar peanut butter

Safeway purchases w/grocery budget cash
1 jug Safeway canola oil 2.69 (reg. 4.19)
1 40 oz jug Safeway honey 8.54 (reg. 9.49)
1 box Safeway facial tissue 1.43 (reg. 1.59)
1 jug Safeway dish gel 3.14 (reg. 3.49)
Safeway oxygen pro ("oxyclean") 3.14 (reg. 3.49)
Shout stain remover economy refill jug 6.99
1 lg bag Safeway frozen corn 1.79 (reg. 1.99)
1 lg bag Safeway frozen broccoli 1.79 (reg. 1.99)
1 box Lucerne butter 3.14 (reg. 3.49)
1 value package Safeway chicken thighs 5.60 (reg. 7.30)
total spent: $38.25

The cash I spent today was from last month's grocery/household budget due to the fact that I haven't been able to make it to the bank to make my cash withdrawal for the month. I had $52 remaining from my original $150. I always put our coins in a piggy bank along with pop can money, with which I'd like to start another savings account. The cash goes back in the envelope, so now I have $13 remaining. I will let additional cash build up for larger items like laundry soap or stocking up on good sale meats. So far, I feel like our budget is going really well!

Monday's Munchies
B: Pancakes from the rest of the mix that was in the cupboard. The girls also wanted some sliced oranges.
L: Top Ramen stir fry. I used about 1 C. of a huge bag of frozen stir fry veggies I got at Grocery Outlet for only a few dollars. I added 1/2 c. water and the oriental seasoning packet and simmered the veggies until they were pretty well cooked. Then I crushed the noodles and added them to the mix, stirring and cooking until tender. Lastly, I cracked two eggs into the pan and stirred until the egg was cooked thoroughly. It was enough to feed the girls and I with a bit left over and hardly cost anything to make!
D: David's aunt and uncle are in town for a few days and it looks like the family will be going out to eat tonight. I believe we're going to a Mexican restaurant, so it should be easy enough to keep things affordable. I don't know yet whether his parents will help out with the cost or if we'll pull it from the grocery budget. We'll likely bring snacks and water for the kids so their dinner will be light. Normally going out to eat will not be a part of our budget, but we want to be able to spend time with everyone, so we'll work it out somehow. Family first :).

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