Monday, February 28, 2011

It sure is Monday around here.

I think we all have a case of the "Mondays" today. William is cutting his first teeth, Dorothy is in fine form with fit-throwing, my indoor drying rack broke, and I've just been having an emotional few days. Church was good this weekend, though, and it was my week for singing on the worship team, which is always a good way to bring things back into focus. In fact, in the sermon yesterday, I was really struck when he spoke about the serenity prayer at one point. We can't waste our energy trying to change things we cannot, and we need the wisdom to see what those things are. All we can do is what we know to be right... what others choose to do is beyond our control. I do my best to be a loving, open, and supportive person, but how others respond to that is not my responsibility. I've also been really convicted lately about how I speak to my husband and children when I get stressed out. It's too easy to fall into being irritable, but it only serves to make things more stressful. This is something I really need to work on. I find that when I try to use a calm, soft voice with my children, they calm in return. Imagine that!

Speaking of children, David was watching all 3 of them while I was singing yesterday morning, and at one point he couldn't find the girls. Where were they?
Silly girls in their laundry hamper :)

I guess that was worth some hugs and giggles.

When we got home from church yesterday, we ate lunch and relaxed a bit before David cleaned the kitchen. I love him so much! And it was a great motivation to make him some chocolate chip cookies. Of course, we all enjoyed them.

Sunday's Sustenance
B: Cereal & leftover oven pancakes.
L: Spaghetti & green beans.
D: Hummus platters
Monday's Munchies
B: Multigrain Cheerios & apple juice.
L: Spaghetti
D: Stir fry (or perhaps something else, since I'm planning on going to Gleaner's this afternoon).

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