Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

I've been trying to keep my eyes open all day yesterday and today because Sir William doesn't sleep well when he has a cold. Poor little bub...

Yesterday was really busy for me. We all spent the morning cleaning the house and then at noon Dorothy, William, and I headed to their cousin's 6th birthday party. When we got home from that, some of David's aunts and uncles stopped by to visit and meet William for a couple of hours. After dinner I headed back out to my sister-in-law's house with William so we could visit some more. It ended up being pretty late by the time I got home, but I arrived to a clean house and candles lit in the bedroom. Of course, then the smoke alarm went off and the girls woke up crying and saying "it's too loud!" David got it to stop, but it was still beeping intermittently, so he took it off the ceiling...

and put it in the garage...

But we could still hear it...

so we put it in the van.

Church was nice this morning, then we had a couple from church over for lunch. It was really fun, and we hope to start having more people over for meals. Here's what was on the menu for the weekend:

Saturday's Spreads
B: Peanut butter oatmeal and milk.
L: David made a cheese pizza for himself and Charlotte. He topped it with half a can of mushrooms and some sliced tomatoes. Dorothy and I had lunch at the birthday party.
D: David warmed up some baked potato soup I had in the freezer from a couple months ago. The girls ate the rest of the pizza and some applesauce. I had a sliced avocado, Triscuits, cheese, and sauteed snap peas with tomatoes.

Sunday's Sustenance
B: Oatmeal again :)
L: Since we were having company over, I wanted to make a nice meal. Before we left for church I threw some chicken breasts in the crock pot on the 4 hour setting with a homemade smoky barbecue sauce. When we got home, I made a spinach salad with tomatoes, avocado, and sunflower seeds. I also heated up a side of mashed sweet potatoes from Gleaner's and baked some drop biscuits from some Bisquick I still have on hand. When that runs out I will be making my own mixes (biscuit, cornbread, etc).
D: I think I'll defrost some sloppy lentils (like sloppy joes, only meatless) I made last month. I'll use buns and corn on the cob that I have in the freezer from Gleaner's.

Now, off to have some home popped popcorn and Pepsi for Superbowl Sunday....

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